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Stop Driving Unsafely, Richard Hammond!

Shame shame, Hammond. It’s not even two months after your brush with death, and you’re already back to unsafe driving habits? At least that’s the issue according to road safety charity Brake.

After Hammond’s crash in Switzerland in a Rimac Concept one while filming a segment for The Grand Tour, poor Richard spent the next couple of months recovering from knee surgery. During that time, we all wished him well and watched as he promised his family that he would not put his life at risk again.

All joking aside, I think the accusations are a bit much. Sure, taking your hands off the wheel while driving, no matter how momentarily, is unsafe but come on; we all do it! And that’s not counting the scores of people on their phones, eating food, applying makeup, throwing things at their kids in the backseat etc. all while driving.

Hammond’s actions, which were linked in a video via a DriveTribe post, were chastised by Brake:

“It’s critical drivers keep both hands on the wheel at all times to keep full control of the vehicle.”

CREDIT: DriveTribe

Richard, of course, was gleeful in his return behind the wheel:

“I’m back, oh yeah. This feels better than the first time, being 17 and given the keys to freedom because this time, I’m ready.

This is beautiful, thank you doctors, thank you.

I shouldn’t even be sharing this moment, it feels too personal right now.”

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