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The American Calls First Season Of The Grand Tour “Stupid” And “Goofy Crap” In Exclusive Interview

Mike Skinner, known also as The American, has recently opened up on how he truly feels about The Grand Tour in an exclusive interview with Grand Tour Nation.

When we asked Mike about the first season being too scripted, he said, “It was! That’s what I didn’t like about it!” He also called the show stupid and said they could have done a much better job with it.

He said, “I think they could have done a much better job with that instead of dropping bodies out of the sky and goofy crap like that. It was kind of stupid, in my opinion.” See the full interview below.

The highly criticized first season of The Grand Tour led to many changes to the show. Now that the format has dramatically changed and the traditional show as we know it is gone forever. We are now left wondering if we would still have a regular show if they would have listened to The American. With the new format of the show being exclusively specials, it is likely that we will never see another test track, audience, or car review again.

Mike went on to say in the interview: “I thought the stuff that they did outside of what I did was very hokey. I think that they could have done a much better job with that instead of dropping bodies out of the sky and goofy crap like that. It was kind of stupid, in my opinion.

“There was a lot of stuff that was very honest; it’s entertainment, they are in the entertainment business, they are being paid to entertain. I think as far as the cars and all that stuff goes, that’s just part of the entertainment value.

“What I didn’t like about that season was when we went over there, rain or shine, we ran. And so you’d have an amazing car, and I’m not gonna mention which car or whatever because that’s not fair to them; that was just an amazing car, and it would show up way down the list on speed, and I’m like that’s bulls*** that cars fast.”

Mike Skinner

With The American finally confirming suspicions that the show was very scripted in the early days, it’s easy to see why the first season did not connect with the audience as it should have.

He went on to say: “It was really hard for me because there were several of the cars that I drove on the Grand Tour that I just thought was the coolest cars ever. And my job was to make them sound like they were Sh** they were terrible, and that was tough for me because you know you’re acting its acting, and I’m like, well I’m not an actor it’s hard for me, and I don’t remember lines I like to roll off the heel.

“And a lot of the stuff that was said that came from me, a lot of it was scripted, but a lot of stuff made the show that was just me rolling off the hip and just ad-libbing. And I feel like those were the best episodes when they just let me talk and do my own thing, ya know, and I think what they were trying to make sure that I got the bullet points in there, and I probably wasn’t very good at that.”

Mike Skinner

Mike Skinner is now semi-retired and hosts a radio show with his wife Angie called Skinner Round-Up. You can tune Tune in to SiriusXM NASCAR Radio any Sunday there isn’t a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race to get up to date on everything NASCAR.

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