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The Bugatti EB110 Gets a Front-Engine Redesign Worth Fighting Over

Al Yasid, a designer from the UK, recently went out on a very dangerous limb, by re-imagining the legendary Bugatti EB 110 as a front-engine. Of course, the 90s hypercar sported a rear mid-engine 3.5L quad-supercharged V12, so shifting it forward posed quite the challenge.

To call the resulting design controversial would be an understatement. Much of the identity of Bugatti and other continental supercars comes from their engine placement. Shifting this icon’s engine not only beats right up against the status quo, but also makes it look… Japanese?

Of course Yasid had to elongate the hood, adding some cutouts and swoops in the process. Much of how you recognize a Bugatti comes from their snub-nose, ending in their signature grille. Now that snub nose looks way more like a long-beaked Nissan from the era. Whereas a peak at the back gives Corvette vibes.

In the accompanying video, you can watch the design process. Yasid, to his credit, does a fantastic job of nudging and pulling on every element to get things right. One bang-on addition is the diffusers on the hood, which help to break up its expanse.

Whether or not you think this is better, or worse, than the original (or just different, which is fine too), you can agree that it draws the eye. Yasid himself calls the design “blasphemous,” which isn’t necessarily a bad word in these parts.

Shoot off in the comments about whether or not you’d rather have your V12 in the front… or in the rear.

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