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The Cost of America’s Auto Dream Team vs. The Grand Tour Powerhouse Hosts

With the recent cancellation of Top Gear USA, the questions of why it was cancelled have brought up expected discussions on who would be a trio of hosts that could meet the standard of excellence that Clarkson, Hammond and May have set with the show (that shall not be named).

The most popular names that we have found on our facebook page have been Jay Leno, Tim Allen and Jerry Seinfeld, who are all known as major gearheads as well as being top-notch comedians who have enjoyed many decades of success in the television industry.

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Jay Leno currently has a car show on CNBC creatively called “Jay Leno’s Garage” which has won an emmy award for “Outstanding Short-Format.” Leno is also famous for owning over 130+ cars and is often seen driving one of the cars near his garage in Burbank, CA.

Tim Allen’s name is often brought up mainly because his on-show personality on the 1990’s sitcom, Home Improvement, reminds everyone of how Jeremy Clarkson acts with caveman like grunts and calls for “more POWER!” Allen’s success as a comedian and with his roles on Home Improvement, Galaxy Quest and the Toy Story franchise has also given him the means to build a beautiful collection of muscle cars, which he houses in Los Angeles as well.

Finally, with Jerry Seinfeld, everyone knows about his addiction to Porsche and his popular online series – Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Raking in almost $400M a year from his Seinfeld royalties, Seinfeld definitely doesn’t need the money, but his love for cars, sense of humor and knack for interviewing, he would be a natural for this dream team.



So, what’s it going to cost the US to go heads up versus the best the UK have to offer. Well, we went and took a look at the highest per episode averages Leno, Allen and Seinfeld have been paid or been offered to be paid to get a good market value of the trio. We also compared it to the current salaries Clarkson, Hammond and May are reportedly being paid by Amazon for their upcoming season of The Grand Tour.

Team USA vs The Grand Tour

Much like Team USA basketball in 2004, there was a thought that if you put together a bunch of stars and give them a basketball, you’re going to walk away with the gold medal. Well, as Argentina and the current of season of Top Gear is showing us, chemistry is the most important thing and with the looks of it, it comes at a lower cost as well!

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  1. Replace Seinfeld and cost will be on par or less. Not sure I would agree on your selection for the american dream team, but as other automotive shows have shown, there is certainly no substitute for chemistry.

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