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The Future Of The Grand Tour Confirmed By Amazon Studios Boss

Amazon Prime has confirmed that The Grand Tour will not be coming to an end as fans begin to question the lifespan of the car show. On top of this, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have each started their own individual projects and businesses, too, only fuelling this determination to find out if The Grand Tour will be coming to an end or not.

Recently, the trio has traveled to Norway to film the latest episode. Driving a Subaru Impreza, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, and an Audi RS4, we’re expecting an episode that revolves around the history of rallying – one of the most popular motorsports of yesteryear.

This won’t be the last, according to Amazon Studios boss Georgia Brown, who has confirmed that The Grand Tour will continue:

“The second thing that hasn’t changed at all since [we launched] in 2018,  is we’re still sending three old blokes around the world playing with cars and our customers just love it.

“So we will keep doing it, as long as there is a demand for it!”

The latest episode of The Grand Tour – Carnage a Trois – followed Clarkson, Hammond, and May as they drove French cars across the UK and explored the history of the connection between France and motoring. Fans loved the episode, and while they’re disappointed that there are very few episodes per year, they were happy to see the show return despite the pandemic.

Richard Hammond talked to the Radio Times about another episode they have been planning since traveling through Norway:

“We’ve already filmed one – we’re not long back from that,” he said referencing the Arctic Circle special.

“We’re ready to go off and do another, and they are huge missions to go and do,” he said.

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