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The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt – What Do We Expect? [Review]

The much anticipated Madagascar special is finally on the way with a recent trailer and release date released earlier this week. We now know its name: A Massive Hunt, and it has a release date of December 18th on Amazon Prime Video. This will be well over a year since the last episode, Seamen, came out.

The Special follows Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May as they embark on a treasure hunting adventure across Madagascar with them being asked to crack a code and find the “loot”.

It is still unclear at this time precisely what treasure they are hoping to find or if they actually found it. Nonetheless, this Special looks to be action-packed and loaded with hilarious moments.

James mentions that “the roads are terrible in Madagascar,” to which Jeremy replies, “we modify our cars then.” The trio kept with tradition and modified their cars to handle the rugged terrain. Jeremy lifted his Bentley Continental GT and fitted an external roll cage much as he did in the Patagonia special on Top Gear. He also put massive off-road tires and actually kept the car after the episode was finished and uses it on his farm. Hammond “uninvented the wheel” as he modified his Ford Focus RS with four pods of tracks. James modified his Caterham with massive rear tires so he can put that power down off-road.

As you can see from the trailer, it appears the trio runs from explosions as they cross a beach. You can see in the background somebody searching through the sand with a metal detector.  This part of the episode is a bit worrisome as fans are all hoping that the next episodes feel unscripted, but this doesn’t look to be the case.

The Grand Tour has been highly criticized since it first aired for being too scripted. A treasure hunt in Madagascar doesn’t necessarily a change of pace from this.

This Special appears to be exactly the same as all the other Grand Tour specials, minus the latest Seamen. We hope the trio changes pace and produces something like they used to on Top Gear. This is obviously not the case this year. There is still hope that the Scotland Special will revert back to their old ways, and it also looks very similar to the Patagonia Special that they did on Top Gear. With fingers crossed we are waiting on December 18th, to be totally surprised. What do you think the new Special will be like? Watch the trailer and comment!

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