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The Grand Tour Bios for Clarkson, Hammond and May Are Perfect

Spotted in both the X-Ray feature of Amazon Video, as well as the IMDB page for The Grand Tour (Amazon also owns IMDB), were cheeky bios for each of the Grand Tour hosts. X-Ray and IMDB also have some fun trivia, as well as pictures and videos of the show that you can check out while you’re waiting for the next episode to premiere. Take a look at the bios below and let us know if they did right by the hosts!


An impressive biography! Jeremy’s bio would have been one of the toughest to write as he has had so many interesting segments to his life. Great examples can be found in our article listing some of the best and worst moments of his career. From Clarkson’s parents inventing the Paddington Bear, to Jeremy’s many successful books and not so successful late night TV show, there is a lot you could add to this bio.

Now on to the man, the myth, the slow, Captain Slow that is, James May. James, the stateliest and most dignified of the trio, has also had his fair share of interesting moments in his life. James’ bio does a great job poking fun at the man with the girly hair while giving a few fun facts about our favorite paisley-wearing motoring host.


What would the trio be without the Hamster, a.k.a. Richard Hammond? Keeping in line with his two companions, Richard’s bio does its best to give him a hard time while explaining how he got into this whole mess in the first place. The bio makes sure to remind us of his noble nickname but assures us that almost no one calls him by it.


What do you think of these biographies of your favorite motoring hosts? Would you have done it differently? What else should they have included- or excluded? Let us know what you would have written in the comments!

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