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The Grand Tour Chief Slams UK Government In Discussion On Latest Episode

The Grand Tour’s latest foray into the world of French cars saw Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May drive from Wales to the South coast in a number of iconic and interesting cars from the European country. But while executive producer Andy Wilman discussed the episode named Carnage A Trois with the press, he had plenty to say about the state of the UK government.

The episode saw plenty of French cars get destroyed and scraped as they drove up mountains with the objective of showing fans how the French treat their cars. Andy said the following in regard to this:

“The joke has always been on us.

“We get to the top of that mountain and those cars are all absolutely shagged to death.”

“But ultimately you’re thinking, ‘Only the French could do this, and only the French would find this fun,’ and there is this longing to be like that certainly, with that spirit,” he said.

“When you see them all sort of tearing the speed cameras apart you’re like, ‘God, why can’t we do that?’

“We know we’re living it now, governments get away with murder.

“We jump up and down, there’s a lot of waffling about it but ultimately we’re letting them get away with murder.”

“The French wouldn’t let this lot get away with stuff so I think there’s a lesson we can learn definitely,” he admits.

In the same set of interviews, Jeremy reveals what they’re hoping to do for the next episode:

”We’ll see how this one is received, but there are plans to do something similar again.

“But for now, we can’t wait to get back to doing more big foreign travel.

“So, it’s tricky because everything’s so fluid at the moment.

“It takes six months to plan a foreign trip for us, and who’s to know what’s going to happen in six months’ time?”

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