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The Grand Tour Christmas Special Cancelled – Why?

Before Christmas, we reported that The Grand Tour was to release a Christmas Special episode to tide us over the Christmas holidays. It almost looked like an apology for making us wait so long for Season 3. But when the time came to sit down and watch it on Amazon, nothing appeared and the same two seasons sat there looking at us like before.

So what happened to the Christmas Special? Why was it cancelled?

First, a quick explanation. The Amazon owned IMDB showed a start date of 2019, January 18. But before that, it had an extra episode with a start date of 2018 December 21. This was presumed to be the Christmas Special – more specifically, the Colombia film that was filmed earlier in 2018. You can find more about that by clicking here.

Over Christmas, that page on IMDB page was deleted, with only the start date of Jan 18 remaining.

The exact reason behind the cancellation of this episode is unknown, but we can of course speculate.

With Jeremy releasing his second series of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire just a couple of days ago, it’s possible that the producers behind either show didn’t want to overshadow the other, so instead of sharing their viewership, moved the Christmas Special back to ensure higher viewing numbers. It’s also possible that because of WWTBAM, Clarkson simply didn’t have the time to work on the special, meaning it was pushed back for a later time.

Whatever the reason, I’m sure we’ll have the Colombia Special on our screens sooner rather than later.

You can find more information about Season 3 by clicking here, and a countdown to the start of the Season by clicking here.

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