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The Grand Tour: Clarkson and Co Spotted Filming In Scotland For Next Episode

While Amazon may have the next episode of The Grand Tour under lock and key, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are still hard at work producing future episodes. According to The Courier, they’ve been spotted travelling around Scotland in three classic American cars.

Filming around the Pitlochry area, the trio sits behind the wheels of a Cadillac, a Lincoln, and a Buick in what is rumoured to be a journey from Edinburgh to the Hebrides. This has not been officially confirmed, however.

The trio stopped for the night at the Atholl Palace hotel, a four-star venue in Pitlochry that offers a spa, separate lodging, and one hell of a view, which you can see in the photo below.

According to sources of The Courier, The Grand Tour presenters “had the run of the place”.

The general manager of the hotel, Graeme Strachan, hopes that when The Grand Tour airs its filming here, tourism will increase and improve on what’s been left after the Coronavirus hit the area.

He told The Courier: “We were absolutely delighted that they have chosen to come and film here, it’s great for Pitlochry and the surrounding area.

Image above: Reddit

“The three guys were great and an absolute pleasure to meet them all and I am delighted they chose the Atholl Palace and area to come to.

“I’m hopeful we’ll see more people wanting to visit here once the show is screened.

“It will be a massive boost for Highland Perthshire if it leads people to come here.”

Andy Wilman, the executive producer of The Grand Tour and formerly Top Gear was open on why they’d chosen to stay in the country, and instead explore some of the more beautiful parts of the UK instead of crossing the sea.

He said: “The Grand Tour is not really allowed to go grand touring as we risk a sudden lockdown.

“You’d be crazy to spend time and money planning and then suddenly find there’s someplace you can’t go – it’s much better to get in your cars and go somewhere where you’ve got the best chance of finishing the film.

“We were thinking ‘where is the nearest most beautiful place?’ and that’s Scotland, so we came here. They (Clarkson, May and Hammond) love all parts of Scotland.”

According to Reddit user Beerisforwinners, the filming in Berwick saw the trio with their three muscle cars with a crane, and according to another Reddit user SpeedyFingersGuy, today they are heading to Perth for a drag race down the area’s longest runway.

This isn’t the first time The Grand Tour trio has come to Scotland. Last year they used three classic retro cars to drive the beautiful North Coast 500, and filled with humour and incredible views, the episode was a hit.

We can’t wait to see what they get up to when the show finally airs, but before then, we’ll have to wait for the Madagascar episode to show its face on Amazon Prime Video.

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