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The Grand Tour Could Be Ending In 2022 Warns Executive Producer Andy Wilman

The Grand Tour has been fighting against the pandemic for over a year now, resulting in two episodes being filmed within the UK. The first of which, Lochdown, has just aired, and the second, set in Wales and Warwickshire, will be coming possibly later this year. 

But as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May continue to battle against travel bans, executive producer Andy Wilman has thrown the future of the car show into uncertainty in a recent interview with Express. 

He first of all talks about the future episodes of the show, confirming that Lochdown was the first of a double bill:

“We’ve shot another UK one so it’s kind of a double bill we’ve got going on.

“After that, we’re supposed to get back to going around the world again. I mean we’re working on it but it’s tricky at the moment because everything is shifting sands.

“We looked at a country the other day, I can’t say yet in case we do it but that then went on the red list.

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“So you’ve done a month’s work on that and suddenly it’s like s**t, we’ve got to pause on that one,” he says with annoyance.

“That’s the plan. That will take us somewhere into 2022, and then I don’t know,” he admits.

Continuing: “I don’t know, we’ll be old. Especially in this climate at the moment you can’t plan much beyond that.

“Nobody knows what’s going on. Every country’s Covid numbers [are different]. You get different reports, different sources, it’s a real minefield to get things sorted out, and then things change.”

He continues, explaining that it’s an incredibly volatile environment planning and filming in the middle of a pandemic:

“Imagine extrapolating that and once you start committing to filming in a country, you commit to spending six months in advance, and then you can lose that money.

“We lost a lot of money with our Russia episode because that got shut down a week before we were about to go.

“So a tonne of money we’d spent setting up the filming and it was gone. We can’t afford to do that. So, yeah, we’ve got to tread carefully,” he said.

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