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The Grand Tour: Did You Spot This Legendary Top Gear Reference In The Latest Episode Carnage A Trois?

The latest episode of The Grand Tour was met with huge praise from fans who enjoyed Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May’s second pandemic, and therefore UK based special episode as they explored a number of French cars.

Carnage A Trois followed the trio as they travelled from Wales to the South Coast of the UK in a number of cars, but it was Citroen’s finest that made Jeremy swoon. Not only did he drive Mike Brewer’s Citroen SM through the sun, describing it as an “extraordinarily beautiful car” on his Instagram account, but he also drove a car he already had a history with.

Series 15 of Top Gear saw the show’s hosts build motorhomes out of cars. Hammond used a Defender 110 as a base for his, James a Lotus Excel, and Jeremy a Citroen CX. The Clarkson’s Farm presenter built his with multiple storeys with ladders joining them, and thanks to its height, it was pure mayhem when he drove it on the roads.

Now, thanks to a Reddit user who spotted the quick and subtle reference, we now know that Jeremy referenced this car during the latest episode of The Grand Tour.

Driving another white Citroen CX, he tells the camera: “It wasn’t easy to find one, as most have been turned into motorhomes”.

Did you? from thegrandtour

This nugget from the presenter confused me the first time I watched it, and only now has it become clear thanks to u/-CyKo.

Did you do a Captain America and understand the reference? Let us know!

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  1. Since the Grand Tour started, I don’t believe there hasn’t been an episode without a reference being made to past exploits on top gear. Carnage A Trois is the Grand Tour Trio back on top form. The car races were inspired.

  2. Yeah I got it straight away and started laughing, I then had to explain to everyone else in the room what I found so funny!!

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