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The Grand Tour Doesn’t Look Like It’s Returning Any Time Soon As Release Date Removed From Website (UPDATED)

Please see update at the bottom of the article

Earlier this month we were very happy to see that, according to IMDB, The Grand Tour was returning with its Madagascar Special at the beginning of September. But now we sit on the last day of August and we’re yet to hear any official confirmation, any social media stir, and there’s certainly no trailer to be seen. So we ask the question… is it actually coming on September 4th?

Previously we’ve seen trailers released 2-4 weeks before the release of a new episode or season, and as you may have noticed, there’s been no such thing. And this is very worrying because we’ve been waiting for this next episode for a LONG time, and Amazon has received countless complaints about this wait. Many fans have taken to social media to tell us they’re cancelling their Amazon Prime subscription because of this drawn-out process.

Now, we might be wrong in saying this, and the next episode may well be released on the 4th, but it seems strange that they wouldn’t advertise it at all after the complaints and restlessness from fans. And now we’ve seen IMDB remove the release date from its website.

I’m sure you, like all of us here at GTN, will be disappointed in this news, but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date as more information is released.


We recently received an email from The Grand Tour’s PR team explaining to us that IMBD made an error when publishing the launch date of September 4th onto its website. This, as stated in this article, has now been removed. We’ve been told that the Madagascar Special episode will not be released on the 4th of this month, with the real release date being confirmed to be later this year. 

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