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The Grand Tour Episode 10 Social Media Reactions – Ruining Beach Day For Everyone

Episode 10 of The Grand Tour comes to you from Nashville, Tennessee, home of Music City and the Music City Miracle, which started a 17 year curse for my Buffalo Bills. This week’s episode finally featured a car that has essentially become a unicorn on the show, and some hijinks from Barbados.

Way back in the premiere episode, the boys mentioned that they had a few episodes that weren’t “car-centric.” Episode 2 was mentioned, and so was the Barbados episode. I was a bit nervous going into this episode because I didn’t really care to watch another Episode 2, but it was actually much more car-centric than I think we were led to believe. It was an interesting episode with a genuinely good idea from the boys.

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This week’s episode featured a road test of the Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio, a car that I am extremely enamored with. It’s not that it’s unique or special when compared to its counterparts; it’s just that seeing an Alfa enter the luxury sport sedan/saloon market and take it to Audi and BMW is fun to watch.

We also watched as the boys traveled to Barbados to tackle the problem of coral reefs disappearing. The local government sunk a ship in order to promote new coral growth, and the boys had the idea of sinking stripped down cars to achieve the same purpose. it’s a fantastic idea, but in practice, as with most things when it comes to the three hosts, things went a bit awry.

So how was the episode received by media outlets and fans around the globe? Look no further!

“They nailed the background of the tent”

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