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The Grand Tour Episode 9 Social Media Reactions – Post Apocalyptic Shenanigans

Episode 9 of The Grand Tour comes to you from Stuttgart, Germany, where my in laws live! I know you don’t care about that, but it was pretty cool to wonder if my in laws caught a glimpse of the boys around town. The boys were in town to show off the latest episode, which was chock full of bad ideas and entertaining moments. Par for the course, really.

As we cross into the latter half of the first season, it truly feels like the guys are starting to find their groove. I know I have been saying this a lot during the past few episodes, but Episode 9 felt just like old Top Gear. Everything from the post apocalyptic car segment to the harnessing electricity segment felt like coming home to an old friend.

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Despite the fact that it was a hastily thrown together job, I actually really quite liked The Excellent. Honestly, with a bit of polish and wiring, that would actually be a pretty awesome car to have. On that note, I thought that James’ idea of using exercise equipment to charge a car wasn’t bad either. If instead of 10 machines they actually wired every single machine to generate power, then unleashed all the new years resolution folks on the gym, that G-Wiz probably could have gone quite far.

So how was the episode received by media outlets and fans around the globe? Look no further!





Episode 9. I can’t believe they cut the Dacia Sandero joke from thegrandtour

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