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The Grand Tour: Fans Complain About Recent Show Update

The Grand Tour’s Twitter account has been very popular this morning after they finally tweeted about the future of The Grand Tour.

The tweet, confirmed the next episode is going to be set in Madagascar, they will be going to Russia later in the year and they will be doing more episodes. You can see the full tweet below:

While this is an update, it really doesn’t give much away as to when we will see the next episode, all we know is it will be at some point this year. This got us to thinking.. I bet some fans on twitter aren’t too happy and you know what? They aren’t.

So we decided to compile a bit of a list, a menu if you will, of some of the best tweets responding to The Grand Tour.

Let’s start off with Lloyd.

Lloyd isn’t too happy about having to wait up to another six months for another episode. I understand his pain and anguish though and to be honest. I would guess December is when we’ll see the Madagascar episode, so you might be waiting the full six months unfortunately Lloyd.

Next up is Ben, and to be honest, he has a very good point. He shows us a tweet from the 8th of January which pretty much tells us the exact same thing the most recent tweet did. Good find Ben, well done.

Who’s next? It’s this guy who I assume from his wacky Twitter name, is called Sebastian. Sebastian is asking why they can’t just release it already, Amazon is a streaming service so why can’t they just put it out?

Jeremy Clarkson has confirmed the episode is finished and in Amazon’s hands now, but there are probably a million reasons why the streaming giant is yet to put the show out yet. Whether it’s quarterly projections, building hype, waiting for the COVID-19 crisis to continue to die down or one of a number of different reasons, we don’t know. What we do know is they’ll release it when they’re ready and we can’t wait.

So who have we next? Well, I present to you DarKStaR350z who wants to see a Japan special of The Grand Tour.

Veteran Top Gear fans will remember the Japan special from season 11 which saw a race between a Nissan GTR and the bullet train. I won’t ruin it, but if you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend watching. Back to DarKStaR350z’s tweet, I think a Grand Tour special in Japan would be great, fingers crossed on this end.

I could go on and on about tweets responding to The Grand Tour today, it’s a gold mine of good memories, funny anecdotes and people moaning they haven’t got a release date for episode 2 yet. It’s very entertaining and head on over if you fancy a laugh.

To see out proceedings, we’re going over to Heidi who asked whether they got to see the infamous Madagascan penguins?

Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

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