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The Grand Tour: Eight Amazing Moments We Have To Be Thankful For On Thanksgiving

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have given us some of the greatest TV moments. So on this day of being thankful, we look at the greatest moments to come from The Grand Tour, Clarkson’s Farm, Our Man in Italy, and a couple of other shows.

8. James May’s Underground Performance

The second series of James May’s travel show, Our Man In Italy, featured the incredible moment of May being roped into performing in Dante’s Inferno in an underground cavern.

In the 200 foot deep cave, the show began and as May begins to forget his lines, hilarity ensues.

7. Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Shock

One of the funniest moments from the first series of Clarkson’s Farm was when Clarkson bought a new flock of sheep and had to install an electric fence before their arrival. He needed to walk the electric fence wire around the field three times, but in true Clarkson fashion decided to drive it around instead.

When it came to connecting it with the battery, the presenter inevitably shocks himself and you can’t help but laugh.

6. Richard Hammond Opens Up About Top Gear Crash

Richard Hammond has recently shared a video hiking in the Lake District whilst opening up about the 2006 horror crash when he was filming in a jet powered dragster for Top Gear. The crash left him in a coma and Hammond has now spoken about what it was like coming back to consciousness in this moving video.

Fans are used to seeing Hammond in TV mode making jokes and being light hearted, however, it was nice to see him in a stripped back video just talking about the awful time.

5. Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the Tesla Model X

Jeremy Clarkson has had quite the history with Tesla, starting with their questionable review of the Tesla Roadster that ended in a court case. Top Gear won, but now Tesla won’t let the trio get their hands on any of its cars. Thankfully, Clarkson still managed to get a Model X, and what followed was amazing.

4. The Porsche 918 VS Nissan Patrol

When you thought it couldn’t get better than when the trio raced the Holy Trinity: a Porsche 918, a LaFerrari, and a McLaren P1, Hammond goes and improves on it by racing a Nissan Patrol in Porsche’s hybrid hypercar. But this isn’t just a Patrol. It’s got the powertrain from a Nissan GT-R and will hit 205 mph in just 800 metres. This thing is pure monster, and we love it.

3. The Grand Tour Becoming More American

Working for the huge American corporation Amazon certainly has its upsides, but the trio eventually had to take on some US trademarks. This video was spawned from the idea, and we’re all better off for it!

2. James May is Still Alive

There was a time in the history of The Grand Tour just after Richard Hammond was involved in a crash with the Rimac, that Clarkson also succumbed to pneumonia. thankfully, James May was perfectly good and well, but Amazon couldn’t let such a moment go without making us laugh.

This resulted in a brilliant video of May missing death by mere inches in several hilarious ways, including drinking paint stripper and getting hit by a train. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

1. The Grand Tour Begins

Top Gear was dead, but The Grand Tour still had to make an entrance. Thankfully, it did, with an amazing introduction that blew the season’s budget in less than five minutes. Armed with three Mustangs, the famous trio brought smiles to our faces as they kicked off The Grand Tour for the very first time to raucous applause and cheering. This is how it’s done.

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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