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The Grand Tour: Future Confirmed After Major Update From Amazon

We’ve all been worrying about The Grand Tour as episodes get pushed back further and further despite them being initially confirmed. The next episode, the Madagascar Special, is supposed to be coming in only a week, yet we’re yet to see a trailer or hear any confirmation of this date. Things are looking ropey for Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, but a recent update from Amazon is certainly helping to put our minds at rest.

Director of European Originals for Amazon, Georgia Brown, commented on the trio in a recent interview:

“Of all of our talent, these guys are fearless. They will go anywhere, they will do anything.

“So no, it continues. We have more Grand Tour coming, we have more of their individual projects coming.

“Every single show has been impacted, but it’s not stopping our ambition to go around the world and film in these incredible places.”

And would these COVID restrictions have an effect on the show as we know it? Apparently not, she says. Although we expect there will be serious changes to the show’s traveling habit.

“We’re not downsizing, put it that way.”

The trio has several individual projects on the way. Jeremy Clarkson is currently still filming “I Bought The Farm“, which covers a year in the life of a farmer as the presenter builds a farm, grows produce, and sells it in his own shop.

James May is soon to be releasing a cooking show, alongside a cooking book, which will be titled “Oh Cook“, and Richard Hammond has a new survival show alongside MuthBuster’s Tory Belleci. In this, they will use their knowledge to survive on a desert island.

We’re very excited to see how these individual projects turn out and equally excited to get our eyeballs on the Madagascar Special.

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