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The Grand Tour Greatest Road Contender: Dead End Of Greatness

Throughout old Top Gear, we have been shown on many occasions the presenters’ picks for the “greatest road in the world.” We have seen some greats like the Stelvio Pass in Northern Italy and the Transfagarasan Highway. We have also seen more contenders like the Blue Ridge Parkway, but sadly we weren’t shown anything cool, because of the speed limit (though I have been told it is a spectacular drive regardless).

Now we have a new contender that I think Jeremy, James, and Richard should visit for The Grand Tour. Folks, meet Jebel Jais, a 32km road that snakes through a mountain range in Ras Al Khaimah in the Untied Arab Emirates (described int he video as a Middle Eastern Stelvio Pass). Courtesy of Mr JWW’s YouTube page, we are treated to a spectacular video of a Lykan Hypersport, a Ferrari 488 Spider, and a McLaren 650S ripping their way through Jebel Jais.

Seriously, this awesomeness wakes me up better than a pot of coffee:

This road seems to have everything you need in a great driving road; everything from endless straights to hairpin turns will test the mettle of whatever car you choose to tackle Jebel Jais in. Mr. Jww mentioned in the video that this was “the fastest alpine pass you can possibly design,” and judging by the video, it sure seems to have been made that way. Sure it has tight corners and all, but it looks like the bulk of this road is wide, sweeping turns where a car can maintain a fairly high speed.

And it’s three lanes! Imagine all that space for activities! Just give the video a watch. It’s a giant bowl of “wow.”

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  1. GTN really needs to go for a spin through the Wisconsin Kettle Moraine Forest. While not high speed (nor would it be needed) the tight bends and very rapid up and downs is unlike any other terrain on the planet. And iit is usually butter smooth pavement. There are sections known like roller coaster road, known for its spine shrinking dips and need I say airborne rises. And not to mention, GTN would almost be gauranteed some lap time at Road America. Which was built to get the racers off the streets around Elkart Lake! Oh and the views are something spetacular as well.

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