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The Grand Tour: IMDB Reveals New Possible Release Date For Madagascar Special

IMBD has posted a release date for The Grand Tour Madagascar Special: December 4th. This unconfirmed release date comes months after the original release date that they posted which turned out to be false. Without a peep from The Grand Tour officials, this could be just another false alarm from IMBD. 

The last time IMBD posted the release date it turned out to be dead wrong. The Grand Tour PR team was quick to tell us that it wasn’t going to be released on September 4th, and that they have still not decided on a release date. If the logic behind waiting almost a year, even when the episode has been fully edited for months, is still unclear.

The special will start on the French Island of La Reunion and ultimately end on Madagascar. The 28-mile wide island sits on top of an active volcano. Much similar to the volcanic islands of Hawaii, La Reunion experiences eruptions often. The volcano has erupted over 100 times since 1640 with the most recent one being in April of this year. By that time The Grand Tour had finished filming on the island, but that would have been potentially dangerous for the crew. 

We have still not confirmed this new release date, with fans losing hope for a 2020 release we all hope it’s true. It has been nearly a year since The Grand Tour released Seamen. Since then they have finished up another special in Scotland. With COVID having such a drastic effect on these specials that were already filmed we can only speculate how long it will be for the next one to be filmed, edited and released. Judging by this pace it could 2022 until we see anything new. We can only hope that Jeremy, James and Richard do not settle into their own projects and abandon The Grand Tour. 

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