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The Grand Tour Is Doing More For Gender Equality Than The FIA

With the removal of Mike Skinner, The American, from the show after Season 1, The Grand Tour have now given us glimpses of their new driver throughout Season 2. Abbie Eaton has taken the Eboladrome by storm, and while she hasn’t addressed by her name – a call back to the days of The Stig – she is credited at the end as Abbie Eaton.

Even Mark Webber’s lap around the Eboladrome in the Mercedes AMG GTR wasn’t nearly as fast as Abbie’s who celebrated a 1.18.70. You can learn more about Abbie Eaton by clicking the button, but read on as to how this could effect the motor industry and the people within it.

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With a woman at the helm of one of the largest motoring related shows in the world, we hope that other women interested in motorsports but deterred by the dominance of men in the field will be more inclined to step into the industry.

This is especially important now after the FIA has named Carmen Jorda, Renault Sport Formula 1 reserve driver, as an advocate for women in racing. This came as a massive disappointment to many, as Carmen Jordan is known to believe that men and women don’t compete as equals in motorsport. A strange decision from the FIA.

However you feel about the subject, we can’t deny that Abbie Eaton will be an incredible role model to many, and we look forward to seeing her more on The Grand Tour.

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  1. Abbie Eaton is hardly “at the helm” of the grand tour . She doesn’t even appear in some episodes . I’m not taking away from her skill but let’s keep a little perspective here

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