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The Grand Tour Is One Of Amazon’s Top Two Most Popular Shows

I’m a subscriber to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and the WWE Network. Out of all these streaming services, the one I got the least amount of content from is, admittedly, Amazon Prime. Prior to The Grand Tour, the only thing I used Prime for was The Man In the High Castle, and a handful of children’s television shows for my kids. Granted, most of my issues with Amazon Prime had to do with the fact that until very recently, it wasn’t available on most Android TV devices. Regardless of availability, Prime wasn’t my go-to streaming app until The Grand Tour came out.

To be honest, other than The Grand Tour and The Man the High Castle, there isn’t much that I use Amazon for. It doesn’t have a the sheer volume that Netflix has, but the shows that I do watch on Prime account for a pretty large chunk of my TV viewing time. It’s a true case of quality over quantity (no disrespect to Netflix and Hulu; I love me some Marvel Studios and Mindy Project).

Speaking at a keynote presentation on Monday, Amazon Studios Vice President Roy Price announced that the two most popular Amazon Studios original shows are The Grand Tour and The Man In the High Castle. Amazon does not give out official viewership numbers so we don’t know exactly how popular The Grand Tour and The Man In the High Castle are compared to other shows, but Price did confirm that the two shows are Amazon’s two biggest global hits.

Price still will not confirm the rumors that The Grand Tour cost $250 million for three seasons, but he seems to be pleased with the show’s word of mouth “marketing.” The shows have been responsible for an increase in Amazon Prime free trials, which then translates into many of those converting to paid subscriptions. Unlike Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming service, you also get the full Amazon shopping experience along with shows and music and such.

Price says “The Grand Tour is an expensive show, but it’s well worth it,” while commenting on the word of mouth marketing as “efficient and good economics.”

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