The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour Is The Second Most Streamed TV Show After Friends

A report by Ofcom has stated that The Grand Tour is the second most streamed TV show in the UK coming only after Friends.

With the show first being streamed in 2016, Amazon found a spike in subscriptions of people who were joining just to watch The Grand Tour.


The first season of The Grand Tour was watched by 29% of Amazon subscribers, reports Sky, but during Season 2, this number dropped to 22%. What Sky doesn’t explain is that this could be down to Amazon’s overall subscriber figures rising. So 22% of the higher number of subscribers could still be a larger number of the 29% the year before.

Whatever these figures may be, they still accurately portray the massive amounts of success the trio and show is having. We can’t wait to watch the third season and look forward to seeing how they’ve changed the show’s layout from last time!

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