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The Grand Tour: James May Admits Huge Issue For Upcoming Episodes

Covid has already had a huge effect on The Grand Tour and its upcoming episode set in Madagascar, as James May told us in a recent interview. But in another, May admitted that the problems stemming from the pandemic aren’t going to stop here.

He hinted at more issues during his interview with The Sun, problems that could even force him, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond to stay within the country for filming for the time being.

While the next special is set to be released later this year, he explains the problems they’re now having.

“If we’d gone [to Russia], we would have been quarantined or not been allowed home. The effects of lockdown on making TV shows is that we have to retract our ambitions for travel.”

He adds: “It’s not just, ‘Can we get on an aeroplane and go somewhere?’ but, ‘Are we going to be able to do anything when we get there?’

“We need to talk to people and it’s an enormous crew with all our kit plus ten or 15 vans. It’s very difficult and we don’t want to compromise it. It limits the places we can go.

“I think Amazon would say the same thing. We would rather wait a bit longer rather than rushing it for the sake of it and coming out with something half-arsed,”

This isn’t the best news for fans of the Amazon motoring show, as they’re patience seems to be running thin as you can tell from the comments on our Facebook page. But eventually the next episode will come, where they modify three cars to suit an episode of off-roading. But how long the next episode will be after that is a mystery. However, it’s looking like it could be a long while. Let’s hope the Madagascar Special is all we’ve hoped for, because if not, The Grand Tour could be on rocky ground.

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