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The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson And Co Anger The Public During Filming In England

We’ve recently brought you videos of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May filming for the next episode of The Grand Tour in Wales, and more recently, Central England. But while we’ve enjoyed watching these videos from afar, this filming seems to be touching the nerves of the general public.

With the Amazon Prime Video car show passing through Leamington Spa mere days ago alongside a film crew, their slow driving, filming, and general commotion caused a lot of traffic to build up on the small roads of this part of Warwickshire. Some people caught in this traffic were angry, with one person reportedly shouting at Richard Hammond:

“Get a f****** move on,” they shouted from their car.

Max Morgan, a fan of the trio, told Coventry Live the following:

“I think they were filming for The Grand Tour. Personally, I’m not sure why they chose that roundabout on a weekend at lunchtime – the worst place to be filming on a Saturday afternoon in Leamington.

“Traffic was queuing back into the retail park – back along the road past the bowling alley and car garages. Some bloke got out at one point and told Hammond to get a f****** move on! They didn’t seem to care too much though.”

The Grand Tour trio are often causing controversy on their show and previously Top Gear. On their last outing where they filmed in Scotland, Clarkson, Hammond and May were accused of disobeying Covid regulations during their stay in the Dark Island Hotel. Thankfully, while this news spread like wildfire across the internet, the hotel stood up to defend the trio, saying the following:

“We work closely with Police Scotland who are aware of our operating procedures and application.

“The Grand Tour have been exemplary in their approach to COVID-19 and have communicated with the relevant local authorities for this event to happen.

“They have also brought with them a dedicated COVID-19 testing facility with their team members being tested regularly.

“As part of this approach to help reduce contact and interaction with staff and local community they have also brought their own catering services to provide their meals, which includes the provision of plastic cutlery which Jeremy seems to be struggling with..”

With The Grand Tour team now working on another special episode, we’re hoping it won’t be too long until The Grand Tour’s Scotland Special is released. Let’s cross our fingers for a release sooner rather than later.

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