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The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson Reveals His Favourite Non-Performance Car

In an interview with DriveTribe, Jeremy Clarkson reveals what he believes is the best non-performance car in the word. And while it’s not quite the answer we expected (we class his answer as a performance car, albeit a rather luxurious GT-based one), it’s an answer we certainly saw coming.

On being asked the question, Clarkson mumbles for a moment while deep in thought.

“Bentley Continental, does that count?” he asks. “My favourite non-performance car,” he recites.

“I’m not sure a Bentley Continental counts but that would be up there.

“Range Rover, always up there. They’re just so damn good.

He looks at the camera, “I mean, they’re stolen, a lot.

“A friend of mine who lives not half a mile over there, he’s on his third this year. But they are very good when you have them outside your house.”

It’s worth noting that this interview, while only released this week, was shot in the Summer of last year.

“When they are where you left them, they’re brilliant,” he concludes.

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Clarkson has a short, but solid history with the Bentley Continental. He drove a highly modified version for the recent episode of The Grand Tour where he drove it across the treacherous roads of Madagascar. Since then, he fell in love with it, so he brought that exact car back to his farm in Oxfordshire and drove it on the road.

Unfortunately, it was eventually taken by Bentley to be stored on show at the company’s Crewe HQ, but Clarkson still obviously thinks highly of the GT car.

The Grand Tour presenter has always driven Range Rover’s, too. In fact, he’s owned several, and often explains how much love he has for them.

If you want to know what other cars Jeremy Clarkson owns now, or has owned in the past, click the link here. 

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