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The Grand Tour Madagascar Special Not Coming On The 4th According To Officials

We recently wrote about the fact that IMDB had leaked the release date of The Grand Tour: Madagascar Special. We then followed this up with an article stating that IMDB had removed this date from its website.

Well, even more recently, we received an email from The Grand Tour’s PR team stating that IMDB had made a mistake uploading the 4th of September as a release date, hence why it was later removed.

They have now confirmed that they are yet to confirm a release date, but while that’s still up in the air, they have said that it will, for sure, be later this year.

Obviously there is lots for the team to think about when releasing this next episode. Not only is COVID seemingly causing issues behind the scenes, but they want to make sure they get as much viewership as possible on release, so the correct timing of this is crucial.

We’ll let you know more as soon as we know it, but for now, we’re left guessing.

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