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The Grand Tour Madagascar Special Teased in Unseen Footage from Mozambique

We’ve all been very desperately looking for any update on the return of The Grand Tour. The Madagascar special has supposedly been finished, as far as editing goes, and has been in the hands of Amazon.

Even though you’d think that we would have it by now, the special has yet to air. With the Covid delay, it’s now been eight long months since we saw the guys playing around with Seamen.

Great news! Drivetribe just dropped an unseen peak at Clarkson, Hammond, and May playing around in the Indian ocean!

The outtake comes from the next episode, and sees the trio confused about the depth of the ocean’s waters at low tide. As you can see from the clip, there doesn’t seem to be any worry regarding sharks or other sea creatures swimming up to nibble.

When you reach the Indian Ocean, you’d expect to see huge crashing waves, whale sharks leaping out of the water and the yachts of the rich heading for a couple of weeks to Sri Lanka.

But when the trio reached the coast of Mozambique, they didn’t come across what they expected…

From the hosts’ chatter, we learn that they could actually walk to Australia, since the water is so shallow. Also that James has put the sea into his car, which explains where all the water went.

Maybe this scene will play some part in how the trio make landfall in Madagascar, which seems as if it would be accessible by car from the look of things.

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