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The Grand Tour News: A Deal To Be Found With BBC-Backed Production Studio

Since its inception, The Grand Tour has been produced by a production started by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, and Andy Wilman. This company, W. Chump and Sons, has now put together a team which will handle a deal with BBC Studios-backed production company called Expectation.

It was founded by former Endemol President Tim Hincks and ex-ITV content chief Peter Fincham, who if successful, will be taking over the production of The Grand Tour, and leaving Clarkson, Hammond and May to focus on the actual show. the company will also produce other projects that the trio are starting to get involved with.

Things are looking hopeful for the trio, as Wilman and his team have already joined Expectation in their West London office, with the previous production company looking to shut down.

With the fourth season of The Grand Tour already beginning filming, this movement of responsibility will free up time for Clarkson, Hammond and May, alongside producer Andy WIlman to focus on creating a great show for us, the viewers. This is especially important after the reveal of major format changes. 

The presenters’ individual projects will not be affected by this change in production company. Jeremy Clarkson’s farm show is being produced by Expectation, while Hammond’s next project is being produced by the production company Chimp Productions, which is owned by himself and his wife Mindy Hammond. James May’s new show called Our Man In Japan will be produced by Plum Pictures, who he’s worked with before on projects such as James May’s Toy Stories.

This is a very exciting time for The Grand Tour fans, and we look forward to seeing what a new production company can pull out the hat.

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