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The Grand Tour News: Jeremy Clarkson Involved In Yet Another Twitter Altercation

It seems as though Jeremy Clarkson is still ruffling feathers after telling cyclists to “f**k off” during his latest DriveTribe video. You can watch and read about that video by clicking here.

It’s no surprise that as soon as this video was posted, there was going to be a backlash on social media. This was done on purpose, after all, any press is good press, and with Clarkson at the helm of a media company, it’s a surprise it hasn’t happened more often.

This certain video has awaken actress Flip Webster, who was quick to tell him that she disagreed with his views.

“Re your vid – Yes Holland Park (rich) lovely tree-lined road spoiled only by the vehicles travelling up n down,” she said. “Good luck ingesting particles with your coffee, talking above the traffic noise about polluting cycles.”

Clarkson replies simply:

Webster continued with the following reply:

While Clarkson replies with, “don’t be an idiot. Holland Park Avenue wasn’t built by the Romans,” he was in fact wrong, and the Harry Potter actor calls him out on it.

According to the Labroke Association which keeps information on this specific roadway, Holland Park Avenue ran through a ‘densely forested area” in Roman times, with the quality of the road quickly declining once the Romans stopped using it.

Agree with Flip Webster? Let us know how you feel in the comments.

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  1. I dont know looking at how many likes Jeremy Clarkson has got I think he is in the right….. after all he has been on TV talking about horsepower and cars for a long time.

  2. Jeremy is a long old has been. Glory days are over. Looks haggard and needs to get attention however negative hence F1 remarks and cyclists. Get on a bicycle Jeremy… clear the Rose and nicatin that’s clouding your brain.

  3. The Grand Tour is a dead duck. What are you still flogging it to death for? You need a new venture to make ad revenue from. Not a cancelled series that ran for just a few seasons and was CRAP. Just an opinion ????

  4. I still side with Clarkson on this. For the past hundred years cars have used it.

  5. Let’s not be silly. The path that the road currently resides upon may have once been a Roman built road, but in its current state, it isn’t even slightly Roman. As the road exists today, it is a road built for cars, as they are the primary transportation mode, aside from walking. There is a sidewalk next to the road for that purpose as well. The thought of banning the primary transportation mode from using a road specifically built for such a purpose is silly. The thought of chopping down trees to add a cycling lane is also silly. In an area where there are no such obstructions, a cycling lane may make sense, but with this road, it seems like a waste of money and a senseless destruction of the area’s natural beauty. There isn’t a lot of natural beauty left in London, because most of it has been leveled for buildings and roadways. Leave it as is and make the cyclists take another route.

  6. If Jeremy wants to tell someone to fμ€k off, more power to him. Not enough people are doing this when they should. So…Fμ€k off! ????

  7. Absolutely totally agree with what you say this bike craze will all die down, and you can’t tell me that building 4 mile of bike Lane apart from costing 42 million quid which is absolutely ridiculous I wonder how many CO2 it will release with the vehicles digging laying tarmac etc etc so all that CO2 they’ve released is it going to be saved by bicycles , I don’t think so so stop

  8. Flip quickly relies on ad hominem style debate – calling Clarkson a buffoon. This is because her “argument” had reached expiration.

    Yes, that roadway was built for cars. And, guess what greenies… those “poor trees” use carbon dioxide and create oxygen. Bio 101. But, you claim to be the party of “science”?

    I think not. You still call a boy a girl and a girl a boy regardless of sexual organs, chromosomes, and SCIENCE.

    Please… shhhhh!

  9. Clarkson is a egotistic, obnoxious, overblown ass. He is self- agrandizing and believes his “celebrity” status somehow means he’s important and special. Flip Webster is right, he’s a buffoon..

  10. I find it wildly entertaining when someone who is obviously being baited can’t seem to find the handle on the fact that they’re being baited. Get over yourself girl. Jezza may be a buffoon, but he’s OUR buffoon.

  11. And where is the roman empire today?.. I rest my case. Clarkson is right, roads are for cars.

  12. Jeremy’s video was spot on. I suppose if you are a supercilious person this will annoy you. Loved the bit where he mentioned that the council were planning on spending £42 million of tax payers money on a bike lane, on the relatively short 4 mile stretch. This highlights the wastage that goes on with most councils up and down the country. Then allegedly cars are to banned completely from London in 12 years. Logic has finally disappeared from the equation.

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