The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour News: May almost Dies, Clarkson Welcomes Death and Location News

The media hype for The Grand Tour officially started this week as media outlets were finally allowed to release interviews they had with the boys, as well as the official platforms of TGT began releasing more videos online for fans to share.

Stories of Top Gear Experiencing shutting down, James May almost dying and Jeremy Clarkson not caring if he dies to go along with news from Lapland and about Scotland highlighted this week of fun.

The Grand Tour Test Track in Swindon Looks Amazing

Top Gear Track Experience Shuts Down: Blames New Top Gear

The Grand Tour: Best Insights from The Sunday Times Magazine Columns

Jeremy Clarkson Doesn’t Care about the Success of The Grand Tour for Morbid Reasons

James May and the Story of the Ferrari 458 Speciale

James May Almost Died (Again) Filming in Venice

The Grand Tour News: Party Continues onto Scotland and Wraps it up in Lapland

Jeremy Clarkson Is Not Safe from the Internet

A Mini Cooper Just Finished The Nurburgring on Two Wheels

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for November 18, 2016 as we anxiously wait for the premiere of The Grand Tour on Amazon.

Question: What time zone are we basing the 18th on?

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