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The Grand Tour Offers The Perfect Innuendo Road Trip For Your Bucket List

The Grand Tour has posted to Twitter with a hilarious road trip which is needs to go on your bucket list.

To introduce the road trip, they wrote on social media:

“There’s absolutely nothing funny about this road trip from Aberdeenshire to Devon. Nothing at all. In fact, we don’t even recommend opening this thread”

Like they said, the road trip starts in Aberdeenshire in a village called Brokenwind and then moves onto another place in Scotland called Spunkie.

The next part of the Twitter thread moves the road trip along to Penistone, a market village in Barnsley, with a stop off on the way at Wetwang, which is a small village in Yorkshire.

Bringing the trip down to the Midlands, the next stop is Lickey End which is village in Bromsgrove, just outside of Birmingham. The last part of the thread of tweets shows the last three stops that bring the road trip to a close. The first of the final three is Sandy Balls in Southampton, the next is Shitterton which is a small hamlet in Dorset, and finally Crapstone which is a village in Devon on the edge of Dartmoor.

Fans have gone crazy for it in the comments making the post even funnier. One fan wrote “I want to visit shitterton, I bet it’s nice.” to which The Grand Tour responded, “there was a funny smell as we were passing through.”

Another fan suggested that they make one more stop on the road trip to Brown Willy in Cornwall which is a hill, whilst another fan very aptly commented saying they should include ‘Hammond’s Passage’ in the trip which is in Winchester.

Whilst some fans enjoyed getting into the fun of this, others were speculating as to whether this was just a joke or if it was a teaser for the next Grand Tour special. We don’t know for now, but we do know fans will be keeping an eye out in these areas in case the hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond are spotted filming.

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