The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour Opening Sequence Cost $2.5 Million

Jeremy Clarkson has been away from television for over a year and a half now and after attending last week’s opening sequence taping in California, it’s obvious he wants to come back with a huge BANG.

According to the Daily Mail, Clarkson is set to become Britain’s highest-paid television star with his $10M annual salary from Amazon. Along with that, he was able to secure a $250 Million dollar deal with Amazon, who has been rumored to be given Clarkson and company an amazingly huge budget to run with.

With that being said, Clarkson has seen to it that he maximize every single dollar of that budget as it’s being reported that the opening sequence that was shot in California cost $2.5 Million.

It could have very much been that much with all the “rumors” of 150+ cars, 2000 extras attending a weekend in the desert, low altitude fly-overs, Mad Max level craziness and lots and lots of fire!

Are you looking forward to the spending spree for Clarkson’s comeback?

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