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The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen – Social Media Reactions

The first feature length special of The Grand Tour Season 4 is now in our rearview mirrors, and we had mixed thoughts about it. Yes it had its mix of fun and we had a laugh while watching it, but it felt empty and void of any real story. But we’re not important. What is important is you guys, so let’s take a look at your reactions to Seamen on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.


These first few replies are to a promoted tweet for The Grand Tour. Expect a mixed bag of replies here as it’s being shown to a mix of people.

The following tweets are from a hashtag search:


Now Facebook gives its feedback, and because last time viewers thought we’d picked a range of negative comments on purpose, we’ve taken a random screenshot of the most relevant comments from a recent post.


Overall Seamen has received a more positive reaction than negative, but there are the odd few negative comments that ring true for at least some of us.

The thing is, when we watch The Grand Tour, we compare it to the show’s history, all of which is off the charts. For us, this wasn’t the best episode from the trio, but in comparison to general TV, it was a great way to kick off the new format and we can’t wait for the next. The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen - Social Media Reactions

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  1. Not a bad episode, it’s just that the Mongolia special was extraordinarily good and this one was not.

  2. I recently traveled to Vietnam with my family in October. We spent a month going from Hanoi to Phu Quoc. It was great to hear the boyz were doing some specials there. Even better to recall the places on film that we went to in the Mekong. Made it a family thing, if you haven’t been, go, friendly and eye opening. However. The world is focused on Global Warming. Yes terrible. Clarkson finally said something. What we didn’t see was the f**king plastic in the river system. We need some big shot celebraties to call it out. And yes, it is a huge problem in Asia, not just Vietnam. Let’s face it. Lewis Hamilton will save cows with the vegan thing, Greta Thumberg will get people using solar. Stop the rubbish going into the waterways. That’s 95% of the current living species saved. Let’s make it a challenge. Do it and I will hand over my 393ci(stroker) 1975 XB V8 Falcon for preservation.

  3. Loved the episode, full of typical Clarkson-Hammond-May buffoonery, but the one thing that got my gears grinding was, while Clarkson was giving the history lesson of Pol Pots brutality, he was sporting a Che Guevara t-shirt. Che was also known to be a brutal idealist that publicly executed his opposition, and homosexuals. While he was hammering Pol for his socialist and oppressive views, he was supporting a different persons socialist and oppressive view that matched Pol Pots, the ony difference is Che’s bodycount was less.

  4. Giong to miss the car reviews . I enjoyed them reviewing the amazing cars regular people cant afford to test drive(Porche 918) and may never even see otherwise. The timed laps. The challenges with different but comparable cars. Love these guys and there chemistry.

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