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The Grand Tour Producer Hints At End Of Show: “Still Got Petrol In The Tank But We’re Going To Use It Sparingly”

Jeremy Clarkson has returned on The Grand Tour alongside Richard Hammond and James May for their latest episode, Carnage A Trois. As their second lockdown special, fans were happy to see them still in the country as they played with a number of French cars and caused destruction from Wales to the South coast.

The episode was released to an overall positive response from fans, but these special episodes are a change to what viewers were used to after the initial segmented style of early Grand Tour, or rather Top Gear, episodes were ditched in an attempt to make every episode a road trip event.

But on taking to Express, executive producer of the show Andy Wilman has admitted that he “missed” the studio audience.

“I miss it and this French film was kind of like one of those films we used to do with a studio audience,” he said.

The tent, that replaced Top Gear’s hangar studio, was left behind as the trio began to focus solely on special episodes.

“You’d cut the film up into three chunks and then come back to talk to the audience in between.

“This film reminded us of that, but I don’t think we will go back to it because to do that you’d have to put all that massive tent infrastructure together and do at least like six or eight shows on the run.”

The tent lasted three seasons of the show, with it originally following the show around the world as they traveled to different countries, but eventually found its home in the Cotswolds next to Jeremy’s house.


“I don’t think we’ve got that in us anymore,” Andy continued.

“I think the specials are what we are now because of how long we’ve been going on for – it’s been 20 years now.

“We’ve still got petrol in the tank but we’re gonna use it sparingly so I don’t think we’ll go back to the studio.”

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  1. The tent was special. A reminder of what was and still is, this time to fans around the world. I personally enjoyed being in the Nashville audience. The best part was throwing Jeremy off when he didn’t know how to respond to my Alfa comment.

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