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The Grand Tour Really Got Accused of “Animal Cruelty”

Do you have that one friend that always is up in arms on Facebook about some blog post they read, and it’s just so painfully clear that the post isn’t actually true? Everyone else can see it, but this one person just can’t let it go and treats it like fact? That’s the feeling I get when reading these posts on how offended people are over the dead cow stunt from Episode 5.

People, RELAX. I’m willing to bet my home that Jeremy did not actually take those cows, kill them, and skin them. I’m preeeeeeetty sure they just grabbed some beef from a local butcher or something. You see, there’s this thing called “editing” where it gives the impression of something happening, but it actually didn’t. Just stop trying so hard to find something to complain about that you’ll believe anything.

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Just like the first US roadtrip episode of Top Gear; you don’t actually think that Jeremy went out, killed a cow, then strapped it to the roof of his Camaro, do you? It’s a gag, it’s a script, IT ISN’T REAL.

In case that rant wasn’t painfully clear, animal rights activists are up in arms over a stunt from Episode 5, where Jeremy “killed” two young cows to use as counterweights. That of course, led to some incendiary comments on social media. Green Party leader Jonathan Bartley even added his comments: “This apparent senseless slaughter of animals on our TV screens is unacceptable. Animals are not television props and Clarkson and his team should apologise for this needless stunt.”


I suppose these same people also believed all the times that Richard “died” on the show. What’s next, a zombie activist group protesting against The Walking Dead? Don’t laugh, it’s about as absurd as what you just read above.

SOURCE | Digital Spy

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  1. Please, Grand Tour lovers (as I am), don’t be hypocrite. That is obvious that dead cows sequence is very funny because it is very bad taste. Of course animal rights activists will run in anger and complain about that, that is their job. Being surprised of it, my dear GTN fellows is rubbish. These cows scene has been writen just to make people argue.

  2. As said, some twats HAVE to find something to complain about.
    As for Green Party leader Jonathan Bartley adding his two penneth, I think that just proves how ignorant he is. Does he also believe the ‘celebrities’ die every week en-route to the tent?
    It’s an entertainment show!! Take it for what it is or don’t bother watching.
    (There again, their lame complaints & comments do give us sane ones a good laugh.)

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