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The Grand Tour Scandi Flick Behind The Scenes: The Trucks That Can Take On Norway Revealed

A Scandi Flick, was the second snow-based episode that the presenters of The Grand Tour have taken on. The first came in 2007 on BBC’s Top Gear as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May hunted down the most Northern point of the planet, and now they’ve returned to the white powder to take on the tricky landscapes of Norway.

During the trio’s first trip to the Arctic Circle, Jeremy and James drove a Toyota Hilux pickup that was heavily modified by Arctic Trucks. Now, thanks to Morten Hansen on Instagram, we can see that a number of vehicles modified by the same company were used.

A Toyota Landcruiser, again customised by Arctic Trucks, was used to create a path through the deep snow and tow what support the crew needed, as well as a Toyota Hilux similar to that used on the Top Gear Special.

“Fun to be a part of,” Morten posted to Instagram alongside a number of photos from the behind the scenes of the show.

We’ve reached out to Morten to see what he can possibly tell us about working with the trio, and we’ll update this article with what he can tell us. But from what we’ve seen from Morten’s Instagram, he had a great time with the team as he introduced his family and worked on the cars to keep the filming going.

The team behind Jeremy, Richard, and James, don’t get enough attention, so show some support to those who keep the filming going and keep the wheels turning.

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