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The Grand Tour: Scotland Episode Trailer Already Created By Fan From Captured Footage

The Grand Tour may have only been in Scotland for what seems to be under a week, but this hasn’t stopped this fan from collecting as much fan-shot footage from their Scottish adventures as possible and putting it together to form this awesome, dramatic trailer for the episode.

The well-edited trailer shows the three presenters driving the three American cars we’ve already discussed in a previous article: James May in a red Cadilac with a photo of someone over the rear wheel, Jeremy Clarkson has a blue Lincoln with Radial drag tyres, and Richard Hammond’s green Buick has been supercharged with a large air intake protruding from the bonnet and a large Daytona wing strapped on to the rear of the car.

The trailer shows more clips of the trio hauling three modified caravans and travelling around Scotland until they finally reach and board a ferry. Which ferry this is and where they’re going is currently unknown, but as usual, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we know more.

We were sent this video but are unsure if the sender was the original content producer. If you are, or know the person who put this together, please let us know by emailing [email protected].

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