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The Grand Tour Scotland Special Will Be Released Before December

The Grand Tour was spotted filming in Scotland late last year where Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May were seen driving three old American cars. Since then, the team released their latest episode to Amazon Prime Video, A Massive Hunt, where they drove three cars across the difficult roads of Madagascar.

Now, The Grand Tour’s official Twitter account released more hints of when the next episode, the Scotland Special, will be released.

The Grand Tour Twitter Post

This isn’t the first time The Grand Tour has done such a thing on Twitter. As fans started to get restless waiting for the most recent episode, they released a similar tweet explaining the position of the episode and release dates. Now, they’ve done a similar tweet explaining the current situation.

“Let’s play the yes, no game. Yes, the next Special will come out later this year. No, we don’t know when. Yes, we went to Scotland. No, there’s no more information currently. Yes, we will update you when we know more.”

Scotland Special Release Date

In the replies, of which there were many, we found out something about when we should be expecting the next episode, and while it’s rather vague, it at least sets our sights somewhere.

“Hope you’re all looking forward to December,” a fan responded.

“It should be out before that… we hope,” The Grand Tour replied, with no sense of confidence.

What Are The Issues?

So why is The Grand Tour not confident on a release date? Well, with the pandemic seriously affecting movement and how people can get together for work, editing, planning, and filming has been slow.

But there’s now light at the end of the tunnel. The Grand Tour is sure that the next episode will be released this year, which we’d hoped anyway.

Looking forward to it?

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  1. Ngl they cant help it. and we’re lucky if any come out as Covid has seriously affected production on all shows

  2. Imagine if somebody knew where and when it was filmed 🤔 And was told when it would be released 😝

  3. In that rate soon no one will remember you and your show. What is of course good if your aim is just to settle down an just have a quiet life.

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