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The Grand Tour Season 3 Episode 10 Sneak Peak – The Youth Vote

Episode 10 of The Grand Tour Season 3 comes at us from the drivers seat of three lovingly affordable hot hatches this Friday.

Jeremy Clarkson will be piloting the VW Polo GTI, James May his personal Toyota Yaris GRMN, and Richard Hammond the quaint little Ford Fiesta ST. They each head to a rallycross track (possibly the celebrities’ track that featured the Jag F-Type), but before long they’re told to stop their mucking around to instead market these cars to the younger generations.

Of course, this means the trio pull out the stickers, some Brexit jokes, social media and slogans, and are given a number of challenges.

Later on in the show, Hammond and May take two icons to the Eboladrome, the Lamborghini Countach (the same Countach featured in the new Top Gear studio) and the Ferrari Testarossa. Both of these cars belong to Harry Metcalfe, former owner of Evo Magazine.

This episode is going to be great!

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