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The Grand Tour Season 3 Episode 4 Preview Sneak Peak

In the fourth episode of The Grand Tour’s third season, Clarkson, Hammond and May compare European trucks to their American and Japanese counterparts. Clarkson chooses the new VW Amarok, Hammond chooses the Ford Ranger, and May chooses the interesting looking Mercedes X-class.

Learn more about these trucks here.

Trucks should be able to take on everything the owner throws at them, so they develop tests from the many stages of life in the developing world. This, obviously starts with the toppling of a dictator, dealing with a civil war, and ending with a wannabe American blowing up a helicopter.

As you can tell, this is going to be a dramatic episode with plenty of high-speed chases and gunfire to keep you happy. But will they each choose the same favourite? Well, Clarkson and Hammond choose the same truck, but James ins’t happy.

Eboladrome – Jaguar XE Project 8

The Eboladrome is back, and this time Jeremy sits behind the wheel of the fastest sports saloon ever to race around the Nurburgring. It has 500 horsepower and a V8 and bodykit ready to scorch their track. Will Abbie Eaton stretch her racing legs in it? Maybe.

Release Date

The episode will hit Amazon Prime on February 1st. Make sure you sign up here if you haven’t already.


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