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The Grand Tour Season 4: Fans Not Interested After Watching Trailer

As you know by now, The Grand Tour has undergone some changes since it was last aired on Amazon Prime Video. No longer is there a tent, no longer is the show even about cars. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are now presenters on a travel show, where they indulge in hilarious banter while travelling around the best parts of the planet.

The boys make a point of these changes with their first episode to come from Season 4. Very simply, it’s all boats, boats, no cars, and more boats. And while it looks very funny, some fans aren’t bothered by the new setup.

Fan and follower of Grand Tour Nation on Facebook Mark Vernon says, “Nope while i enjoy their little adventures I really liked the car review’s their “conversation street” and all that. This season looks like just another reality show.”

On a similar note, Brandley Newcombe, also a follower and a fan of The Grand Tour says, “While I like the adventures I mainly watched for their car reviews.

“I was glad they did away with the celebrity portion. Wish they had a warehouse or something with fan interaction. However with just 2 episodes this season I fear GT is done.”

Sean Cannon, a Top Fan of Grand Tour Nation on Facebook says simply, “Need more conversation street!”

Over on Instagram, we posted a link to the trailer and there were again a number of disappointed responses.

@Paulio2013 commented with the following: “Looks funny but when did a car program turn into a boat one 😩”

Instagrammer @expore_off_road agrees, saying the following: “I’m actually kinda bummed we won’t see some studio stuff now. Kind of enjoyed that.”

Three followers replied in agreement.

Again, the fact that the first episode will revolve entirely around boats is putting some fans off:

@michael_j_cope said, “Boats? Two hours of boats?”

Are you looking forward to watching Season 4 of The Grand Tour despite it involving boats and not cars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I am a great fan of Grand tour, even from far, far here in Nairobi. I like the cars, and conversation street, and all the madness of the trio adventures. I even made my wife like the show, which was a giant task, considering we don’t own a car… But all that being taken away means the end for us. I wish you would reconsider the changes.

  2. Very disappointed in the new season. I’m interested in automotive topics, boats are not at all interesting! True thoughts were said in the first minutes of the show. If you want, you can host cooking shows, but why mislead fans and call it the Grand Tour? !!!

  3. Very entertaining, as usual the cinematography was outstanding. Totally well done production. Scenery that most have not seen or will ever see.

  4. Bit. Disappointed in season 4. They shouldn’t have changed the format. I didn’t find any chemistry between trio. Half heartedly done. Makes me want to watch top gear which I haven’t since top gear.

  5. I won’t lie. I have always enjoyed the specials way more than any of the other episodes, but I was definitely entertained by some of the shenanigans and the car reviews they did. I found it interesting how I can just look at a car and think it’s interesting and then they take it for a drive and give there input and suddenly I’ve completely changed my point of view. I am going to miss that aspect of the show, but if I’m being honest it wasn’t worth fast forwarding through the stupid “Celebrity Brain Crash” bits just to watch what I wanted. I seriously don’t understand why, despite getting a second chance at a motoring show and despite all of the fans feedback, why on earth they would try to bring back the celebrity bits. I’m sure if you looked at the figures right now at Amazon it would show you that the majority of episodes watched are the specials. And I’m sure the same goes for Top Gear. I bet that if you looked at iTunes figures the majority of episodes purchased are the specials. Motortrend, the majors of episodes watched are the specials. So there’s no question as to why they are moving in this direction and I’m happy with that because it means they’re finally listening. It’s just sad that they had to trim some of the fat of in the process to make it work.

    I think they should take advantage of YouTube. I know they have that DriveTribe, but it is so underutilized, it’s pathetic.
    I watch this YouTube show called Donut Media and it does a fantastic job of keeping us up to date on some of the latest motoring news, trends and even some automotive history. I highly recommend it. But honestly if the Boys could do something like that, in combination with the specials on Amazon, it would be brilliant!

  6. 2 episodes is weak, I don’t mind exploring different topics but how do you drop from 11+ episodes to 2? I guess their inching closer to retirement, sadly

  7. I will miss the car reviews and conversation street. I’m not going to whine if one episode doesn’t include cars but I hope the show doesn’t get away from them totally. They could easily do reviews on site with equipment already with them.
    ALSO: episode w/ Jimmy vs. Bronco vs. Defender 2020 episode please!!!

  8. This is what happens when “management” people try to fix something that wasn’t broken and make a complete hash of it.

  9. So, we have an episode about boats. The threesome will undoubtedly make it interesting and fun. I look forward to it. It is a change, but let’s be real, change happens. not always for the worst. I hope the viewing public doesn’t end it before it starts.

  10. Would there be a possibility of tucking Conversation Street into the format as it currently stands? Conversation Street could be done in a Louisiana bayou (with the boys treed by an ill-tempered alligator) and still provide the touch of sit-around-and-chat intimacy that The News and Conversation Street provided. The absurd break in real-time onsite continuity could be quite funny.

  11. While I like cool cars, the main reason I watch them is that they make me laugh. I have always liked the adventures the most.

  12. I was getting bored with the previous format. Thus is torally unwatchable for me

  13. I feel your article is greatly mistaken, the reason people watched the show was because of the three who made it funny, most got bored by car reviews when the last topgear turned into a highend car show.

  14. Best Show ever, what ever they are riding in. – did all the whiners turn off the show whne they rode scooters(NOT CARS) in Vietnam?
    Society today is filled with cry babies and whiners. Grand Tour – ignore them. They just suck at life.

  15. I think it will be great, the cars became second to the interaction between the boys anyway and hay I like boats and plenty of blokes do.

  16. Its a tv show,if your lives are that dull go and find an activity that holds your attention.Its just a one hour or so show with 3 old farts which appeals to most not all.So if you don’t want to watch don’t.I recall Jc saying it was not just about the cars.
    Alternatively watch Jeremy Corbyn on his brand of politics that is a laugh.

  17. They’ve been doing specials for quite some time, even specials that have nothing to do with cars. Entitled fans these that are moaning about the latest special.

    Two other very entertaining specials come to mind that didn’t feature cars: one that was a mock landscaping show and another that was their Vietnam trip on tiny motorcycles

  18. This article takes one perspective only.

    I’m happy they have binned the studio element entirely and concentrate on the world we live in. Top Gear USA did this year’s ago and it was much better for having done so.

    Boats too – brilliant idea and just as accessible to the sort of people who could afford a “weekend car”.

  19. How dare you… Call this a season?
    I’ve been waiting for a year paying for my prime subscription and Prime, look through the logs and see if I watched any damn thing else, nothing but crap to choose from. TGT was the only reason I subscribed and it certainly wasn’t for two episodes a year!
    I’ll be canceling my subscription and will torrent it after it comes out. I really don’t believe it’s worth paying for it any more.
    Two episodes don’t even make a miniseries 😕

  20. Personally, I love their adventures

    But I also enjoyed their car reviews and especially “the News!” And now Conversation Street

    I’ll still be watching every episode

  21. Lol… People need to understand that these guys are getting older now and eventually will have to say goodbye.

    The normal 13 episode season was obviously becoming too big commitment and effort at this age for the guys…. Don’t forget they’re in their 50’s now.

    Better to prolong their career by doing fewer specials over the years than work themselves out.

    Driving at high speeds gets more and more dangerous as you age… Let’s not take any unnecessary risks

  22. I come to watch these three shenanigans, the bonus is I usually get to see some pretty amazing cars that I would never be able to drive my-self. But, as long as these three are blowing shit up and acting like children I’ll be ther beer in hand to watch it.

  23. I’m just glad there back when my mom was sick they were the only way I could get my mind off things I love these guys just 4 that they really are the best at cocking about keep going guys

  24. Although I’m an amateur motorsports driver and a definite petrol- head, I’ve always watched these guys mostly for their wonderful British-style humor and their antics. Except for Captain Slow their preferences and opinions regarding cars have always been, frankly, suspect (especially Clarkson’s). And my favorite episodes of all often aren’t much about the cars at all (Vietnam special, for example).

    So overall I’m perfectly happy with this format except for one thing: I really, really miss the super-funny car-based challenges; the cheap car challenges, the amphibious car challenges, the worst (oops, best?) British car challenges. That kind of thing. I wish they would add some of that stuff back into the show somehow. None of their other stuff ever had me laughing as hard as those.

  25. Don’t think one can judge a full length feature by a short trailer. Boats, cars, trains, love all modes of transportation…just happy they are back.

  26. I haven’t watched the trailer but I remember when the show started and the tent was in a different location, then the tent became stationary, now it’s gone. The best part of the show is the banter between the three guys. The studio/tent time was the best part. I love the adventures buy it won’t be the same with out the studio antics.

  27. I’m actually looking forward to the season. I like the adventures way more than the tent content.

  28. The show was a car show. The GT season 1 was OK, season 2 was just OK also. It’s now sunk to the depths of every Hollywood ‘reality’ show. Ugh. I think this has run its course. I won’t bother.

  29. What kind of professional journalist are you? Do your research, you quote a mortard who liked “Conversation street”. That was the worst part of the show; except for the gimmick about guests dying and the May line “So they aren’t coming on?”.

  30. It wont be just boats. get a life people. And for ththoththosththoththose naysayers, anybody who is against that team are not GT fans. There top gear fanboys of the new crap.

  31. As a fan since Top Gear aired in 2002 on BBC Two, I have grown to enjoy watching this trio take part on adventures all across the world. For me it’s more about seeing how far the guys have come throughout their careers on Top Gear and The Grand Tour. It is a car show but so much more. The adventures, companionship, and comedy are all connected and is, in my opinion, what made/makes watching the trio a true pleasure. Thank you Jeremy, Richard, and James for all the years you have entertained and informed me.

  32. The reason I have kept my Amazon Prime was the Grand Tour. It’s really disappointing that they’re loosing the car show segments, the funny interactions with the crowd, the jeers and banter was great.
    Amazon ruins everything anyways, I figured they’d ruin The Grand Tour also, and it happened!

    1. Unfortunately, it isn’t Amazon that’s ruined GRAND TOUR, it’s the guys. The TOP GEAR travel specials were fun but they were as much about the cars as they were the hijinks of Clarkson, May & Hammond. I suspect that this is Clarkson’s doing; he loves getting boats involved in the race challenges whenever he can and the other two constantly give him a hard time about all the time he spends on his boat.
      I’m sure the special is funny but one of the reasons most people watch is because of the automotive elements. I guess the guys would prefer that we watch them on DriveTribe if are want to see them driving and talking about cars.

  33. I think they did their best work on Top Gear. They fine tuned the formula and it was working great (other than the celebrities – glad that is gone). Grand Tour has been good, but their formula on TG was better. If they could get “news” or conversation street back and more car entertainment. They would really have something. That and have Ben Collins be their racing driver. Still, one thing they can do are more small segments on Drive Tribe. Those are mostly good. That and James gets Man Lab back.

  34. I’m optimistic about the new change. These guys have been pumping out car facts for over 20 years. It’s why we loved them In the first place. As time has gone on, the 3 stars of the car world became icons. And it’s nice to see our icons going out and changing it up. You want strict car facts? Go watch motorweek and let the 3 entertainers do what they do best, entertain. Just be happy they are still on tv.

  35. Exactly the same issue I had with top gear before the boys left that show… It tried to be too big of a production event rather just a show about cars. I quite like when they do the smaller more local stuff.

  36. Season 3 was the best. The right balance of studio (tent), car reviews, nonsense adventures and fast laps with Abbie ( she should have been used a lot more, the next VBH). I’ve cancelled my Amazon prime as GT and Vikings were the only 2 shows they had worth watching. GT is dead and Viking soon will be.

  37. Who seriously thinks conversation street was a good idea? The show runners did analytics that Amazon provided and people skipped it. The boat trailer is hilarious. I for one look forward to the new format. This is a non story

  38. I miss seeing the guys. I will take them whether they are reviewing cars, or boats, or trains or whatever. As long as they keep getting together once and a while. Let’s wait to see what they’re doing before criticizing them!!! I just can’t wait to watch them again. I miss them when they’re gone and appreciate that they continue to do something, ANYTHING together!!!!!! Thanks guys for making me smile

  39. The Grand Tour being more of a transportation show is okay with me, as long as most of the focus is on cars. 😉

    I for one can’t wait to watch the boat episode!!!

  40. They shouldn’t even have bothered this year. It would have been better if they just reviewed rental cars. No need for multi-million dollar episodes, or making them sleep in the desert for a week….that’s what killed the show in their old age.

    They could have gone out when they were still on top, but this is going to be what we remember them last for.

    This season is an insult to the fans. Not interested in anything they’re doing now.

    1. I have a feeling this have been about money more than anything else. It feels like a cost-cutting move. Maybe the numbers weren’t favorable compared to the cost, and amazon wants to invest more in shows that will give them a greater return on their money. Cutting the expensive cars and limiting the show to two episodes might be a way to keep it going (and maybe satisfy contracts). It’s telling that they’ve had to keep reassuring people that the show isn’t over.

      Since they’ve already had a farewell of sorts, I’m not convinced I need to keep watching it.

  41. I’m a longtime fan and like so many others, I fell that this needs to remain a car show. The trips are great but, boats? Who’s idea was this? Conversation street was always “must see” TV.

  42. I love the grand tour I’m glad there gettin out more I like it more when they are out doin crazy stuff amazin show

  43. Those people are stupid AF the grand tour will always be awesome, no matter what their doing and driving

  44. Even though it is about boats, to me, it was always about the three. Sure the cars were great but, there is the entertainment in hole or part, that made me like it. There is a chemistry to the three that works. Boats, cars, planes or trains, it remains the three for me.

  45. The comments section here clearly shows the divide among fans of this show. Some prefer the car aspects of the show while others prefer the travel. I didn’t like the celebrity bits but I did love the car reviews and conversation street. These segments broke up the episodes and provided some variety to the show. I’ll miss the car reviews not because of the information but because I love cars and they always reviewed bad ass vehicles. The incredible 4K slow-mo cinematography, and each hosts’ unique presentation made the reviews worth watching. Plus I loved the ebola track!

  46. Since when do people watch Grand Tour for car reviews? That’s like watching porn for the lighting and set design.

  47. Didn’t you hear in the last Season that the Grand Tour as we know it is done. It can be about anything now. Not just cars. Guve them a chance. I’m sure it’ll be just as good.

  48. I never even knew about the show until I saw the Bolivia special, I think it was. Subsequntly I caught every episode from the beginning, and subscribed to prime because it moved there. To me, much of the “hard car news” was boring, the studio stuff average, but the hijinks and specials were worth every minute and cent. Subsequntly I look for anything ever done by these guys together and separate, yes… even May disassembling a telephone. Of course I will watch, and frankly I think getting out of the cars only box will improve the show.

    1. I too got Amazon prime specifically for this shot. It’s just a fun show just showing them out in the field. GT knows this, that’s why the interviews and conversation street went away.

  49. People o tho no that’s this not grand tour are not fans of the show. Didn’t oh ever watch top gear for the cars? Really?

    Not real fans. This is about the comments against the religion of Climate Change. Nothing else. I’m a fan and isn watch them do a cooking show.

  50. The Grand Tour does NOT need conversation street, a live studio or car reviews to be amazing.

    Their specials attracted more views than anything else, and that’s what they’ve chosen to focus on up until they retire.

    If any of you had been paying any attention at the end of last season, they said they had to slow it down in some way. You’re all damn lucky they didn’t just pull the plug and leave you with nothing.

    I think we should all be grateful for all the show has given us over the decades, and I truly believe this next season will be spectacular.

    Oh, and maybe, just maybe, if whiney little bitches like this bunch aren’t going across the internet spreading negativity, we’ll get more than just one more season.

    1. I’m in complete agreement with Jason here. While I am a car nut, the location specials and the hijinks that went with them were what made GT great, just like Top Gear before it. I’m really looking forward to the next season.

  51. Amazon royally screwed the pooch on this one they must be on some very poor medication.

  52. I’m going to miss the car reviews. I really do enjoy the road trips. Don’t like the scripted banter, prefer more real interaction. Been watching these guys forever and will miss the sit down discussions, but didn’t like the way of the tent.

  53. I’m actually really looking forward to rich idiots being wet and uncomfortable. That’s the best part of the show!

  54. Jesus c*nt christ. Wtf is the matter with you people? It’s a show. An artistic expression. You don’t get to decide what it is, you lazy non-contributing sponge bastards. Enjoy it for what it is. Don’t whine about how you “think it may have been better when the thing didn’t make me feel the way that the that thing…” STFU.

    1. My gripe is that it’s only two episodes. I have always loved the specials as much as the mini challenges they have undertaken.
      The only reason I pay for prime yet it will be too quickly consumed.

  55. Man fuck these guys. If you’re watching this show for cars, YOU’RE WATCHING FOR THE WRONG REASONS. This show transformed into a comedy travel vlog the second these three got together. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cars. But I watched TG and GT for for these three guys and their shenanigans. The cars and everything else came second. I for one am HYPED about the new format. My favorite thing about Top Gear were the specials and it sounds like that’s all season 4 of GT is gonna be.

  56. I love the Grand Tour and the adventures of “the boys”. I am a car guy (I have owned 51 new cars and 9 motorcycles so far.), also boats, planes, motorcycles, etc. I would never have watched Top Gear for the car reviews. I watched Top Gear for the boys (Clarkson, Hammond, and May). I watch Grand Tour for the same reason. AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO!

  57. I think you people are being too hard and unjust. We loved the trio before GT, through 20+ seasons of Top Gear. It was never about just cars, it has always been about automotive in general. They’ve done an amazing thing with cars, but they’ve done just as good with planes, trains, boats, motorcycles, trucks, and hovercraft. These guys are absolutely awesome and entertaining. They should be loved for what they contribute to the world, not bashed because they decided to do one show about boats. Which coincidentally have engines, some of them from cars. I will follow them until they move on and become bitter old men.

  58. The WHOLE point of them coming back after Top Gear… The very reason they returned WASN’T for the car reviews. It was for the adventures and chemistry you get with those three together and the adventures they go on are the best part of everything they do. If you want a “car review” you can go watch the dying carcass that is Top Gear UK or the joke that is Top Gear US.

    I for one am JUST FINE with them just doing adventures to wherever as long as it’s the three of them together getting into trouble.

  59. They are over it I’m afraid there getting old and dont really like each other anymore it’s a shame they had 1 of the best shows in recent history

  60. Looking very forward to season 4. These three lovable bafoons can do a show about gardening and I’ll watch it. They are what’s great about the show, not the cars.

  61. Last points, screw the celebrities, nobody ever cared about that nonsense. Honestly we didnt. But challenges, the cool wall, Jeremy’s V8 blender…. things like that… car darts, motorhome racing…. come back to america and make fun of the south again 🙁

  62. Honestly, gotta agree. I have watched the greatest trio since they all first came together on Top Gear. I love the information, I love them talking about cars and frankly I love the challenges being car related. They’ve done so many and it never got dull or boring. GONE are the days of Oliver. I just dont know if I’m going to be able to enjoy this anymore. After nearly 3 decades I’m sure they are ready to retire, but to say that what they were doing was overdone… just not possible. This just feels lazy and half hearted. The adventures are fun, but without the rest of it.. what’s the point.

  63. I’m looking forward to seeing the guys they have great chemistry. Although my favorite episodes are of them on adventures like vietnam and the search for the beginning of the Nile I loved conversation street and the car reviews and The Stig. I understand times are changing not for the better but why does this have to change so drastically? This show is so loved the way it was why mess with it?

  64. You know what, I’ve been watching them since I was about 5 and I’m kind of happy they are venturing outside of the box. At the end of the day the show itself isn’t just about cars it’s a grand tour

  65. If this is Amazon’s idea of how to wreck a top rated show then by all means carry on because you can count me out of watching this mess bring back the old format already if it isn’t broke why fix it in the 1st place…

    1. Not for me thanks, enjoyed the previous seasons and even the original as Top Gear, but having lost the tent the car reviews and conversation street. They loosing what made the program originally so good. While I am sure there will be banter, it’s no longer a car show. Let’s hope Amazon wakes up and decided to give the people what they want.

  66. I think that this article is wily misrepresenting Grand Tour and Top Gear fans.
    Just because a small number of car enthusiasts are bummed out about missing out on conversation street, does not speak for all of the fans. I’m sure viewership will remain the same, if not be better. I look forward to S4. I’m in it for the presentors, not necessarily some flashy cars that I’ll never be able to afford.

  67. I’m fine with it starting of with boats I won’t miss the tent or the audience. I don’t hate it at all. I used to love the films and travel they did and I can’t wait for it to start

  68. Love any and all shows they do! I have been a fan of the 3 amigos for 15 plus years but I am discouraged by having only to episodes! I can’t wait to watch the boat special but we need more than 4 hours a year!!!!!

  69. Even though I like cars, I’ve always watched these three for the chemistry and humor. I would watch them review cheese! I like the specials they have done as individuals, and I deeply appreciate the fact that under all the silly insults and banter, they’re all journalists, entertainers, and communicators, and they take that role seriously. As long as any or all of them make anything, I will continue to watch.

  70. I’m a huge fan of the Top Gear format. I enjoyed the variety of the show. That being said, Top Gear without the proper three hosts doesn’t work. I liked Grand Tour since it was a slightly different take on Top Gear. It was mostly real, and provided useful bits of info here and there.

    I have to agree that Grand Tour, without anything but high dollar films is just another scripted reality show. I always enjoyed how Top Gear and Grand Tour gave the impression that the adventures where plausible, but improbable. I fear that dynamic is lost on this new format.

  71. The show is about 3 men messing about, yeah it’s a shame they are not doing the audience anymore but come on its still 3 blokes having fun and making people laugh, I can’t wait for the show to start and neither can my son.

  72. I always turned in to see, childish, goofball adults driving around in hypercars we’d never even SEE in or lifetimes!
    Alot of youtubers do that now- but racing the bat-sh– out of them? Absurd stunts… racing jets with Bugattis?
    Races with rival super cars. Funny remarks from Jeremy. (“Driving this is like sitting in a bucket of warm wallpaper paste”…lmao)
    THIS is why i tune in. All the other stuff is filler. Decent filler mind u, but still filler.
    U guys had the nba all star weekend- and took out the slam dunk contest!

  73. I am a big fan of boats and will probably enjoy this episode above all others. In the past I have had little interest in the guests and am bored rigid by supercharged, which I will never own.
    I liked the original Top Gear of the 80 and 90s where it was all about cars that we all own.

  74. I bet these were the SAME people complaining when these 3 were on Top Gear, and did the bike special in Vietnam, as well as Truck special in Burma. FAKE FANS.

  75. The only constant in life are taxes and CHANGE. You (I, we) watch these shows for an hours worth of escapism. Doesn’t matter if the boys are in cars or boats or hot air balloons. It’s just good fun, no-one taking themselves seriously. We need more shows like this in world that has become so angry all the that time.

  76. Honestly these guys can do a 2 hour show about tricycles and it would probably still be the best thing on tv all year.

  77. The hilarious part in all this is that Clarkson himself has talked about the viewing data Amazon tracks and shares. People don’t watch the celebrity portion or the car reviews. They skip them. And anyone who says they watch specifically for the car reviews is either a tiny percentage or just outright being a hipster. The format changes are to improve viewership not just for the hell of it.

  78. Been watching them for years. I’m still going to watch them. While I am disappointed that we will only get a couple of episodes this season, I’m a true fan and still going to watch their show.

  79. Im shocked that people are complaining about the car reviews being gone, but even on the later years of Top Gear, the show never revolved around that. Top Gear has always been about the three hosts, thats why James and Rich left the BBC with Jezza. Its also why I dont watch the new BBC TG.

  80. Clarkson is an antique from a world before time and his buzz kill is tired. Much like Pawn Stars once it got about the people and not the spirit of the show it drops to ‘who cares status. You ain’t all that guys. The cars are the celebrities….not you.

    1. Think the umpteen million fans would disagree with you about that.
      Close the door on your way out, we’re busy watching the grand tour.

  81. I don’t really understand how people’s brains work at all. These 4 British guys managed to take a tiny car show in Britain and make it an international hit and then took it to a pay service and people enjoyed that as well….and it’s been nearly 2 decades…and people watched them for the cars? They are car journalists and enthusiasts and they themselves would say that they aren’t remotely popular because of their car insights. There’s a reason when one of them got fired from their prior show, the other 3 changed their employer and joined that guy. The secret sauce is not what they are doing. It’s what they do together… And how they do it in their personality. It’s an old formula. Howard Stern made being a DJ into a famous celebrity by giving personalities that worked together to his producer and writer and cohost… Jerry Seinfeld met Larry David and then they hired the 3 perfect people to make their comedy work. Fred had Barney. It’s not about the cars… And so when people actually huff and puff their way off the bandwagon and announce they won’t watch, it’s confusing, ridiculous, embarrassing and fun for the people who get it a bit more than others apparently.

    1. Oh and there are some other car shows without these 3. Easy to find. There’s their old show…oddly enough it’s had various hosts in the short time it’s been on without them. Then there are maybe…. 100 shows on Motortrend and 5000000000 YouTube channels.

  82. I am very much saddened by the fact that we don’t we won’t be getting car reviews and car news updates, but I am just excited to see whatever hijinks these three men will get themselves into (whether it be in a car or a boat). I would like to see a return to cars, but one special with them on boats is not going to drive me away from the show.

  83. Well this looks to be about as good as a wet paper towel is at soaking up messes. Glad I waited all year for it. Not…

  84. I like the trio but I like them for doing a show about cars not boats, thumbs down from me I’m afraid.

  85. I could watch a whole show just on conversation Street. The banter between the guys and how they just feed off of each other is very entertaining. But to take away the cars, that’s how these guys got their fame So it just doesn’t make sense to me.

  86. I love boats. My favorite hobby in the world. Looking forward to the upcoming episode. Would love to see tgt mini episodes in the future. One of the boys reviews a car, or a short docu film. A 20 minute conversation street, Maybe in a pub to include fans.

    1. I hope this response isn’t too much info about how the sausages are made but I’ve worked in the media for around 40 years and I can tell you that nearly everything said on the show is and always has been scripted. All three of them have hosted a lot of series on their own and they are some of the best television presenters in the world. They can make scripted content look like it’s all “off the cuff”. It’s one of the reasons why both TOP GEAR and GRAND TOUR have been so successful. I have no doubt that the boat series will be very entertaining but I also like the cars. Not so much
      reviews but the challenges and the insane things they would do with cars that many of us will never see “in the wild” and when we do see one, it’s being pampered and displayed. Hand a Bugatti over to these guys and they’re likely to try and see if they can drift it though a McDonald’s drive-thru. That’s the kind of essential information I need when I’m shopping for a car that probably lists for half a billion dollars, give or take a million or two. 😎

  87. PS
    ALL THE CELEBRITIES ALWAYS SUCKED. I don’t care which actors or musicians were the fastest. I fast forwarded though that bit on top gear and the grand tour . I’d rather watch white paint dry.

  88. I am not sure why exactly the show axed the audience.. I don’t know if ratings dropped or if the presenters wanted a change of pace, who knows..
    But…. 2 episodes? Really? That is a bummer.
    The specials were always entertaining but more so when paired with the studio episodes for context and background.
    I really liked conversation street and car reviews. And how the different cars I will never afford stacked up against each other.
    I liked the different challenges, and races. I loved when they’d invent(half assed) various vehicles, games, etc. And the spectacular fails that would ensue with complete denial and claims that it worked perfectly.
    I for one vote to bring the old format back. Because I hate change.

  89. I liked the adventures but I loved it when they were local. It didn’t have to be a big trek across Africa or Mongolia though those were great. When Jeremy Clarkson went sideways in a Reliant Robin I was hooked. I live the cars, the camaraderie, finding new places and ways to get there… And I loved the audience interaction. The interviews on TG were great but they never made a comeback and that’s OK. Everything else still worked.

  90. Been watching the trio since the TG days… have always loved specials more than standard shows. look forward to new format and boat special trailer looks Hilarious.

  91. I think this looks fantastic. I love it. The fact that 3 people said they weren’t interested and you based everything on that just solidified that this article is shit.

  92. I love those three and I’m glad we’re getting content. Change is inevitable and I will support them through it. They’re doing the best they can, they don’t control the program.

  93. Absolutely looking forward to new adventures with the boys. Clarkson, Hammond and May could ride tricycles around Daytona and I’d watch. The cars are always going to be there, let them stretch out a bit.

  94. I will wait til I see it to pass judgement. I will miss car reviews and stories as well as Conversation Street.

  95. At first, Top Gear, it was about the cars. But as the show built in popularity the line blurred between car show and entertainment. The boys have a genuine Three Stooges-esy chemistry that hasn’t been seen since the original Three Stooges. I challenge anyone to name me 3 other guys on a TV show other than the Stooges who have been as popular as them as Clarkson, May and Hammond have been. That is why all the other spin-offs have crashed and burned. IMHO, Fifth Gear was a better pure car show. But for pure entertainment, these guys are the shit no matter what they are doing.

  96. Being entirely honest:

    Top Gear/The Grand Tour has been one of my favorite shows since I discovered TG about 11 years ago. The adventure shows we’re always my favorite. I watched the Vietnam special last night actually.

    I did really like the studio portion of the show. I didn’t particularly care for the celebrity interviews, but the conversation street/news and the car reviews?! Yes!!!

    Final opinion:
    Heck yeah! I’m excited about season 4!!
    In all reality, I could watch these 3 cook biscuits for 2 hours and be entertained!
    In 08 I was just a car loving newlywed whose wife never understood that particular passion, but even she got into this show and will always watch the new ones with me.

  97. I’m a fan of the show. Love cars and other things with wheels but there’s nothing wrong with giving something else a spin. If it keeps J,J,&R happy and excited about what they are doing I’m good with that.

  98. They literally risked their lives to try to do something different and fun for the fans. It’s basically the same as touring in motor homes, during which they actually reviewed a Cadillac, Corvette, and Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Just relax and stop being so damn unappreciative folks. These guys are constantly almost killing themselves to entertain you.

  99. I will wait till I see the show to pass judgment. However I am going to miss car reviews and stories as well as Conversation Street.

  100. I’ve watched the trailer three times. Laughed each time. I agree that some portions will be missed, but having the three gents together is a show I’ll watch every time!

  101. I knew when Jeremy was crying at the end of last season that things would never be the same again. Very sad to see one of the best shows ever gone. All good things…

  102. I’m excited for it. I really loved the big specials, and I’m a boat guy so I’m already interested.

  103. Yes, we truly ARE looking forward to seeing Jeremy, James AND Richard again. While we certainly DO enjoy cars we rather like their banter. They’re getting older and we know they can’t go on indefinitely, but we honestly adore them like Family,!

  104. Of course I’ll watch it, but I’m extremely disappointed. I still regularly rewatch old Top Gear specifically for the studio segments–often fast forwarding through the rest.

  105. I can recall many times from TG days when the hosts took to the water (the hover-van, car-boats and the English Channel, race across London) or transport “other than cars” featured heavily in an episode (Vietnam special, “race to Scotland”, “house demolition” ‘truck driving”)
    For me it’s the chemistry of the three hosts together that make the show even if, at times, scripts and ideas can seem forced and/or miss the mark.

    1. Are you all goldfish? You seem to have a terrible memory.

      The end of the last season was the final episode of Grand Tour as we knew it. It was a “goodbye” episode where Clarkson cried at the end. That was the end of what was, and there’s no way in hell that they’ll be bringing back the old format. It’s dead. Get over it.

      What we have now is specials, and that’s what everyone loved anyway. I’m looking forward to it.

      And to the commenters saying they’ll watch Top Gear instead – good. You’re supposed to watch both. You don’t have to pick a side. This isn’t the playground.

  106. Only 2 episodes in season 4?? Is that true? That alone kills it for me. I will miss the car review portion and the conversation street as well. Not gonna be the same.

  107. A nautical Grand Tour? Not! Always enjoyed the chemistry between these guys and it just can’t happen in boats. They’re CAR experts, drivers, and they have the most entertaining conversations!!! With each other & fans. Please let them drive the show, they know us, their fans, better than anyone.

  108. If they want to do a show about travel or boats or whatever, then call it something different. I’m sure many of us will Still watch it since we love these guys, but don’t ruin a car show by making it something it’s not. We want a car show!

  109. think I’ll be tuning in to Top Gear rather than watching GT, even with that utter utter twat Paddy McGuinness in it, and tbf Flintoff isn’t much better

  110. One of the two best episodes they ever did which most will agree was the Vietnam special done on bikes (not cars) and the amphibious show where they converted cars into boats. Most fans love the trio and how they interact with each other and the hilarity that ensues no matter what they are doing. I as well am going to miss the reviews and conversation street but at least we have something. Hopefully they will end up Doing more than 2 though.

  111. The fact that this special isn’t about cars doesn’t bother me. If all these complainers are honest, they’d admit that the main thing they really want is quality content of the boys “cocking about” as they would say. Let’s be honest, that’s really what we all want at the end of the day. Think back to the episode where they attempted to build a reef out of cars, the majority of that episode was centered around a boat, and that’s one of the most entertaining episodes of The Grand Tour. Or even the old TG Vietnam moped special. The fact that this special isn’t going to be centered around cars is fine. What’s NOT fine, in my opinion, is the timing. The fact that they chose to do a boat special, completely devoid of cars, as the VERY FIRST outing in this new format. To me that’s the problem. It would have been fine as a main film in the old format, since the rest of the episode’s various car related content, and Conversation Street would have made up the difference. I think it would have been fine as the second film in this new series. But the VERY FIRST FILM? I’m not sure about that. In a time when they’ve completely shed every familiar aspect of the show, at least there’s still cars right? We’ve still got that. Wrong, it’s about boats now. Not sure about that one. But then again, maybe that was their plan, and maybe that’s the brilliance of it. Shed the entire format and come out of the gate with a show that doesn’t even have anything to do with cars and show the world that they’re ready to try new things. That could be the case. But honestly, I don’t think they ever considered to put that much thought into it. I think it’s just another round of the boys doing what they do best, having fun. I for one will be tuning in.

  112. This’ll be funny. I’m sure they just wanted a little bit of change and just have fun with it!

  113. I don’t care if it’s in a plane, train, automobile or boat! We’ve followed this triumphant trio through everything. It’s called The Grand Tour, now lets hurry up and enjoy a grand tour! Gimme anything with these three and they’ll make it entertaining!

  114. It’s the boys. They could sip tea and whine about English weather whilst petting their dogs and I’d watch. Miss the old, but in with the new.

  115. Let’s be completely honest if you were more interested in cars than the hosts you’d be watching something other than the GT. Being upset about a show with them on boats is as silly as assuming the Vietnam special on a show that shall remain nameless was bad because they were on bikes.

  116. I am a fan of the boys. To be honest I will miss the tent stuff but I enjoy their antics and the wild adventures they go on. It doesnt have to be about cars for me. I just enjoy what they do.

  117. TGT S4 is going to go down in the history books under “how to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs”.

    (And right next to the likes of “Happy Days” with The Fonz jumping the shark.)

    Get rid of the studio/tent.
    Get rid of the audience.
    Get rid of the track.
    Get rid of “Conversation Street” and other fun gags.
    Get rid of the cars.
    And pare it back to 2 episodes per calendar year.

    If there’s to be a Season 5, I half expect they’ll pare it back to 3 old men sitting on stools in a vacant warehouse reminiscing about Seasons 1-4 between clips from those seasons. And whether those 3 old men are Clarkson, Hammond, and May is debatable, as they all seem to be going off to do their own things.

  118. I am “slightly” upset at the loss of some aspects of the previous seasons/episodes. They are a lot of what make the trio who they are. BUT, that sure as Hell isn’t going to sway me to not allow myself to enjoy all of the banter and fun the guys bring to the table. I’m sure whatever they all have in store for us, they won’t disappoint. I myself will be riding the Grand Tour train for long after the rails come to an end!

  119. Gonna miss Conversation Street but this will be the only Reality show I will watch because these guys are the BEST. Plus this isn’t a normal reality, certainly not an everyday reality, and it’s actually funny!

  120. I have been arching these guys for almost 20 years. Sorry, but without the cars and crazy automotive projects, I have absolutely no interest.

  121. I’m worried the show has already died and Jeremy’s heart felt goodbyes in Season 3 were actually the end. I realize the trio are getting older and not up to as much activity as they used to be. If anything I would think car reviews at a sustained location with Abby could be more sustainable for the long term. Not two adventures a year.

  122. I’m a huge fan of the show and of the guys, and I’m going to watch the news season earnestly. I do, however, regret the decision to eliminate the tent segments as I thought the banter among the hosts and between them and the audience really added to the program. I also enjoyed the tent format, with multiple segments about more than one subject in a single episode, with the occasional larger film (or multi-episode larger film) spread through the season.

  123. I’ve usually enjoyed what they’ve done until now (even the celebrities who didn’t actually make it to the show), I have no reason to think that this season won’t be fun also. If there are episodes about transportation machines that aren’t cars, that’s fine.

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