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The Grand Tour Season 4: Seamen – Behind The Scenes

It’s a mere ten days until The grand Tour Presents: Seamen is on our Amazon Prime Video accounts, so while we wait for the inevitable screams of laughter as we consume over an hour’s worth of Grand Tour action, Amazon has given us some behind-the-scenes photos to ponder over.

“Dripping wet seaman,” the caption reads. Classy. In these photos we get a proper look at what our favourite presenters will be riding the waves with, and it’s safe to say that each of them are looking a bit sorry for themselves.

James is wet to the core on what looks to be a small boat that would be more fitting for a canal than the sea. Clarkson is looking very militant in a boat that looks like it’s come from a war zone with the Vietnamese flag standing proud on its rear, and Hammond’s… well, it looks pitiful.

we’re diving into (see what we did there, eh?) the world of boats to tell you exactly what they’re captain of in the coming episode so stay tuned! Until then, how about some merch to make your Christmas a little more… Grand Tour.

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