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The Grand Tour Season 5 Has Officially Been Confirmed

Don’t worry, we can all take a large sigh of relief as Andy Wilman, Executive Producer of The Grand Tour, has confirmed on his Instagram account that Season 5 will happen.

Here’s the post.

This is great news for fans on top of the recent news that Clarkson, Hammond and May are already in the middle of filming in Vietnam.

But wait, there’s more! Another two years, as Wilman posted, could in fact be on top of Season 4, which would extend to a sixth season. This is all unconfirmed and we’re just splitting hairs, but as we’ve heard before, the boys are not planning on stopping any time soon.

In regards to that, here’s what Clarkson has said on the subject.

‘We were signed up by Amazon to do three seasons and everyone was like, “They’re going to do four,” but we were only asked to do three,’ Clarkson said. ‘We’re delighted to say Amazon have asked us to do more.

‘Whenever anyone would say, “Oh you’re not telling us because its not happening.” No, we can’t tell you because we hadn’t gotten round to doing three. When we finished three we talked to Amazon and they said, “Oh no we’d be delighted,” and they seemed to love us so consequently you’ve got us for a few more years yet.’

Season 4

The fourth season of your favourite Amazon show is going to have a completely new format without the studio tent. There will no longer be an audience, with episodes being more like the special episodes of Top Gear.

Let us know what you want to see in the comments section below!

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  1. I’m a truck driver (lorryist is the term I hear bandies about) in Canada.

    A few years ago, I met a father and son who were driving a Caterham 7 from Vancouver, where they had picked it up from a ship from Johannesburg, to Halifax NS. (5800 km/3600 miles).

    In March.

    I would love to see the boys try that. 3 track day cars across (most of) Canada.

    Doing it in March would be optional.

  2. Here is a great idea you have a budget of £2000 to buy a car and travel around Europe and when you get to a new country you have to sell your car and buy another one with the money you sold it for plus any money left from buying the first car.

    1. I think you should have a guest audience member drive a car round your track rather than the celebrities you used to have them at end of series give an award for fastest. With it being my idea would love to be the first.

  3. Please find a roll for Abbie in the series and let her explain the car that she is driving. She is quality and a very good driver and please, oh please don’t bring the American back. He’s a nob head

  4. Though I do love the challenges and road adventures, I also like the features of new never before seen cars too.

  5. Race against modern day orient express with the trio in detective/private eye cars.

  6. Well they stared the concept of the format and the BBC have been on the back foot ever since these three moved to Amazon. So now all the BBC can do is return to this format after dismal efforts to try to keep Top Gear on top. With the dismal failures and disastrous presenters the BBC have had to hire northern folk and go back to the old format that Amazon and the Grand Tour still provide their viewers. Its the right formula and can only be done by the famous three. The BBC Top Gear is stilted and a bad copy with presenters trying to be funny (stupid) has now lost me as an audience as the poor relation to The Grand Tour. J, M and H just have the right chemistry that works. It’s that simple.

  7. I do like the car reviews. I don’t need to see the new 1.6 Astramax van or the latest Nissan Almira but actually testing new cars. The madder the better. Put the Hampster in the new Rimac but don’t let him actually drive it. Get May to drive the new V10 Bowler Nutter Monster and let JC loose in a Jet Powered Mazer. (In truth the new BAC Mono wants testing) So, yep, I am happy with a new format, happy with expeditions and stuff but do share some great car reviews as well please. They can be made fun too. The problem I have with the new TG (Which is OK and I still watch) is that it’s gone a bit too far into just cocking about.

  8. You have got it right in ditching the studio/tent….boring!!! Leave the boring bits to Top Gear. I subscribed to Amazon for GT but found it better than Netflix. Loving it. Looking forward to my favourite trio on their road trips.

    1. I did like so many others. I tried Amazon for Grand Tour, and have stayed because I prefer their format over all the other streaming services. AND Grand Tour makes it perfect!

  9. One of the reasons we kept Prime is that GT. The whole family loves this program! It’s a hit! Thank you!

  10. I have been a fan of these three guys since I found them on the old BBC America. The show format change, but their humor remains. A lot of times I could care less about a particular car, but it’s the common theme, and it works. I am like so many I know; without them I wouldn’t be an Amazon Prime member. Keep the stories flowing and be safe.

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