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The Grand Tour Series Two Social Media Updates

*Editor’s Update – Thanks to some fans, it looks like we’ve been fooled by the rumored release date for Series 2. We have erased the imposter instagram account and updated the title to reflect just the information we were able to find from the verified accounts.*

Just as with last season, the boys have been hard at work sharing tantalizing tidbits about their upcoming adventures on Twitter and Instagram. This past week, Jeremy, James and Richard have been in Mozambique, on the Southwestern coast of Africa, filming. While we don’t have any specific details on what they were filming, we have some pretty good guesses.

For starters, we are pretty sure that they have been filming a special for the upcoming series, rather than having set up their tent there. It also doesn’t look like they’ve brought along Gerome. Earlier in the week, Jeremy posted a photo to Twitter of a mostly empty table, saying that most of the crew and his colleagues hadn’t yet made it to the overnight halt. Then, having apparently made it home, Hammond has posted a photo of some seriously muddy boots and backpack. And yes, we do recommend you leave those out in the rain Hamster!

We know also that James’ car didn’t have air conditioning, which looks like it would have been pretty miserable, judging from the picture Jeremy posted of his shirt. One final clue that they seem to have put out there is a photo from Hammond, and it is a picture of a rather gnarled tree. True, he could have taken it anywhere in Mozambique, but given that the country is covered in beautiful national parks with forests, we’d like to think he was deep in one of those, battling with the undergrowth.

So, what do trees, muddy boots, no air conditioning and not everyone making it to the overnight halt all mean? It would seem to spell out one thing to us: they are doing a more typically challenging Top Gear challenge, possibly with a car that might not have been made for the area. It was a recipe that worked out very well for them in the past. Difficult landscape + used car + no four-wheel-drive = fun for days; for the audience anyway!

You just know something is bound to go wrong, and the best thing about that is it leads to the unexpected and perhaps the unanticipated. It would be naive to think that they don’t script some of the shenanigans they run into, but when they set it up this way, they open the door for more natural issues to occur. This is very important because one criticism they had after the first season was how scripted it all felt.

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