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The Grand Tour: This Is What Happened To The Carnage A Trois Trebuchet

The Grand Tour’s second pandemic special saw Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May driving a number of french cars from Wales to the South Coast of England, and while they were restricted to the UK due to the pandemic, it was one of their best episodes yet.

But many questioned what happened to the amazing trebuchet they used to fling a car over the Channel to France. Well, in a recent video by DriveTribe that explores the company that makes The Grand Tour’s crazy contraptions, presenter Mike Fernie finds out how it came to its sticky end.

The trebuchet was built by the company HMS Engineering. These guys create all of the whacky and wonderful things you’ve seen used on Top Gear and The Grand Tour, and a number of other TV shows. But they also create work for other businesses such as an off-road track that winds itself through a Boeing for Land Rover.

They also created The Grand Tour’s trebuchet, which company boss Hadrian Spooner describes as “a piece of art” before admitting that it’s no longer with them.

“It’s gone, melted down, cut up,” he said to a saddened Mike Fernie. Spooner explains that something like the trebuchet would be a liability for the production company if anyone was to get hurt by it while being in storage, or if anyone was to use it wrongly or as a weapon. The easiest thing to do with builds like this is to destroy them.

“I used to think it was a crying shame, but when you’ve done so much of it, you just realise it’s what has to happen.”

He goes on to explain how the ask from The Grand Tour was “significantly past the world record”, and what he built was “one of the biggest in the world”.

HMS Engineering is currently building something for an upcoming episode of The Grand Tour, and while it’s currently being hidden from view, we’re very excited to see it being used when the time comes.

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