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The Grand Tour Took Abuse As They Travelled Through Scotland: Jeremy Clarkson Called “F***ing W***er”

The Grand Tour’s latest foray into Scotland was eagerly welcomed by fans as it was released to Amazon Prime today. But it turns out that not everyone was as happy to see them filming after Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May suffer abuse as they cross the Scottish border.

Executive producer Andy Wilman revealed that the trio came under serious fire when they were travelling from the border between Scotland and England and up to the Outer Hebrides. 

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He said: 

“Because we were filming during Covid times we had the joy of putting all the cast and crew on the road with each of them towing their own caravan.

“Some of your locals on those B roads got very angry when we were going through with our convoy. They’d shout, ‘F***ing w***ers’ as we passed.

“But the best one was in Edinburgh at the moment Jeremy is trying to get in his car and his door breaks.

“There was a bloke who opened a window in his flat above a shop across the road after he clocks us with Clarkson and shouts, ‘Will you c***s just f**k off?’ and slams the window shut – welcome to Scotland huh? It was priceless.”

Jeremy also added to the subject, saying the following:

“We didn’t have any anti-English stuff, not that I could detect, although maybe they were all flicking Vs in our wake, but I didn’t see it.”

On top of the pandemic regulations, Andy revealed that certain areas they travelled through had even more regulations to adhere to:

“Filming during lockdown was a logistical nightmare. We had to keep in touch with the authorities everywhere we went.

“But by the time we got to Uist it was a bit like The Wickerman as you’re talking to the local community and the church elders and had to ask them permission to film on the Sunday.

“We had to say ‘whilst we appreciate that Sunday is the Sabbath it’s also a shooting day for us and it costs a lot of money sitting around trying to read bibles we didn’t bring.’ We had to work.”

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The Grand Tour… Lochdown is available to watch now on Amazon Prime Video. 

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