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The Grand Tour Trio Evacuated After Shark Attack Kills Brit Where They Were Snorkelling

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May were evacuated during a stint of filming around Reunion Island after a Brit was killed during a shark attack merely metres from where The Grand Tour trio were snorkelling.

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The presenters didn’t spot the red flags along the shoreline warning them of the possible shark activity, and went snorkelling around the near coral reef of the tropical location. According to the Sun, the trio were given emergency accommodation after their plane suffered electrical faults and had to land quickly.

A production source told The Sun,

“Wherever Jeremy and co. go, danger seems to follow.

“For some unfathomable reason, the lads decided to fly in a small, rickety cargo plane designed only to carry kit and equipment, not passengers.

“The plane then suffered a fault, meaning they were stranded 500 miles away from the rest of the crew.

“They decided to make the most of their surroundings, and went snorkelling.

“Only to discover afterwards they had been casually inspecting coral just a few yards from where the poor Brit got attacked by a shark.

“They were ferreted away from the lagoon fairly sharpish. So far, the whole series has been one drama after another.”

Season 4 is going to consist of two special episodes of a longer length. These film-like episodes aren’t going to involve the tent or a studio, and will follow the trio’s adventures around the world. Click here to know everything about season 4.

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