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The Grand Tour Trio Marooned On Tropical Island After Cargo Plane Mishap

The Grand Tour trio, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, have found themselves marooned on an island with only wine and a car, according to Jeremy Clarkson’s Twitter.

Apparently they chose to fly on a cargo plane and the thing “broke”, so now they’re stuck on a tropical island, an island we identified as Reunion island, and now, we expect, have to find a way to get back to society.

Of course, this is surely a wind up, and a way to promote the new season which should be airing around Christmas time. But, the story continues.

It sounds like a deal to us! No crew, a beach, and plenty of beer and wine. They really do have the best jobs, don’t they?

Captain slow chimes in with a worrying tweet…

And now look! They’ve been trying to find a way back home for so long and in such treacherous conditions that even we are hallucinating! I’m sure I can see water in the background of this photo…

We explained in a recent article that the island they’re stuck on is home to the most active volcanos in the world. Surely, this will be involved in their story somehow. Click here to read about it and get the lowdown. 

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  1. Stay ALIVE!! We will find you.

    Wait, stranded on an island with plenty of cold 🍻. Is this actually a problem?

  2. I wish you guys would come back soon we’re missing you Help me from my kids I need the grand tour on my TV watching you guys for yours thank you for all the good stuff Keith sisneros out in California Truly love you 3

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