The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour Virtual Experience is Almost as Good

In between laughing at their jokes and marveling at the cars, did you spend your time watching The Grand Tour wishing that you could take a grand tour of your own? For most of us, this would truly be the trip of a lifetime, in part because it would take close to a lifetime to save up for such a trip. Luckily, Amazon has got you covered, virtually speaking.

If you’re a fan of the Grand Tour site on Facebook, you may have scrolled past this advertisement, and wondered to yourself whether or not it would be worth it? The answer is yes. It’s not a serious time investment by any means, but it is full of nice touches that will make any GT fan smile. For example, there are a series of loading screens after you input your destination that are very appropriate. One says “stocking pies” and another says “removing cyclists.”

Let’s start from the beginning though. You must first enter a destination, and it can be anywhere from Paris, Texas to Paris, France. It should be noted, that there are some places you can’t visit. Beijing for example or New York, for some reason. If you happen upon one of the locations that you can’t visit, a little message will pop up telling you that Jeremy has been banned from that location, and you’ll have to pick another. Sometimes this just means that you weren’t specific enough with your destination, though.

With your location sorted, your adventure will begin in the deserts of California, where the first episode was filmed, and as an added bonus, it is narrated by Jeremy, Richard and James. Ironically, most of the directions come from May, who is infamous for getting lost and in addition to be dubbed Caption Slow, has also been sarcastically referred to as Captain Sense Of Direction.

Depending on where you’re going, there are a number of different places it will guide you through, including the Las Vegas strip, the Golden Gate Bridge, off-roading in the desert or across the snow via dogsled. If the Arctic Special on old Top Gear is any indicator though, you may want to keep the dogsled off any upcoming travel plans, for long distance anyway. Just ask Richard Hammond, who had a terrible time dog sledding to the North Pole.

Your route may also take you to a race track and for a time you may find yourself on the Eboladrome circuit. If you’re heading across the ocean, it’ll show you on a boat, which if we’re honest, doesn’t look quite big enough to take a car. But, perhaps Jeremy organized the boat. Either way, you’ll reach the end in less than a minute, and be welcomed by fireworks and a GT banner.

As far as desktop mini-vacations are concerned, we really enjoyed this little diversion, and it is sure to put a smile on your face too.  If you want to partake of your own Grand Tour, all you have to do is follow this link:, input your destination and strap in!

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